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Anyone get depressed by the foods you can no longer eat?

Its seems as time goes by I have to cut more and more out my diet. Now I cant eat so much of what I use to love that I am getting bored of food. I am sad and miss all the foods I loved so much.

Anyone the same?
Tempted to have a once a month session of eating one dish on my list and taking the consequences (usually some serious time in the bathroom).


I think that as there is such a wide variety of food out there Ive never been bothered about cutting out some foods. I cant eat certain fruit and veg so Ive tried other types instead. Ive pretty much cut out bread, but instead of eating sandwiches Ive gone onto rice crackers.

Unless you are on a very limited / strict diet maybe theres other things you can try and see if they are any good for you
Yeah I do but then I relize all the blood I crapped out in past years and no longer stress.

I also have to get dominos pizza all the time because I feel its only a boost of energy for later. I can do it no problems for me IMHO>


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I do, at times, particularly when other people are involved. If a group from work wants to go out to eat, they have to ask me first where I can go and what I can eat. My boss, the other day, said she was going out for food and asked me if I wanted anything. I politely said no, thank you. There was a pause and then my boss said, "Oh, right, it would be tough to find something you could eat." I felt bad for even making her consider me and my special dietary needs. I feel like a pain in the butt to normal people who just want to go out and eat without having to put lots of thought and effort into it, and I don't want them to feel sorry for me. I feel bad for my mother-in-law who loves to cook but can never remember what I can and can't eat. I just want to be normal and fit in, you know? It's not so much that I feel depressed that I can't eat certain things, but I feel bad that it sometimes becomes other people's problem besides my own, if that makes sense. My issues become everybody's issues and I feel like it's not fair to them. They don't make me feel bad, everyone for the most part has been super accommodating, but the situation makes me feel bad that they should have to go through the trouble of accommodating me.


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A couple years ago I had a food allergy test done and bakers yeast was an allergy that was off the charts. A couple months ago I finally cut it out. Bakers yeast. Let me tell you how many amazing foods bakers yeast is in.



I don't enjoy eating enough to miss things. I have no appetite, so I don't feel I'm missing out.

I do miss out on the social side. I wish I could enjoy meals out or eating at get togethers. But putting food in my mouth brings on symptoms - eating isn't pleasant, so I can't use it as a way of joining in a social occcasion. I either don't eat so that I can feel as well as possible during the time I'm socialising - and that works ok, I don't find people mind too much and people who know me get used to it. Or I eat a little just to appear normal, which just makes me feel worse physically and still awkward because I'm not eating enough/normally and not enjoying it.

Years ago when I was wrongly diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome, everything I was told and read said being "healthy" with lifestyle and diet would improve symptoms. I was very confused. I was very confused generally because they kept telling me my symptoms were caused by stress, when there was no correlation with stress. I also ate reasonably healthily. I ate some "junk" food - but that had always been fine before and I'd always felt well on it before. But I was so desperate to stop the symptoms I thought I had to get super healthy. I read all these "alternative" nutritional sites and saw nutritionists who told me stuff like cut out sugar, cut out gluten, dairy is evil, etc. I followed their advice and it was terrrible. It made my symptoms worse because they told me to eat lots of veg and whole grains which are hard for me to digest. And I hated being neurotic about food. Being a health freak just isn't me.

I was so much happier when I realised they were wrong and went back to my sugar and junk!

I don't miss particular foods, it doesn't depress me. I miss not being able to be enthusiastic and carefree about social eating. I don't miss being a neurotic alternative health food freak.

I think if you miss certain foods, your idea to allow yourself treats every now and then is a good one. If it turns out it's not worth it, then you'll learn by trial and error and can decide whether or not to eat a food again. Just make sure you're not swearing off foods unnecessarily. Being overly restrictive isn't good. Sometimes it's just coincidence that we feel bad after eating something, and we could wrongly aim up blaming a specific food and avoiding it when it was just our digestive systems going crazy from some other factor.
I miss choclate.... makes me sad.
Gonna have a hard time this Christmas. Going home to Ireland... they have better choclate there.... just don't know if I am gonna be able to stay away...
It can be very hard to cut out foods. I do avoid most of the "bad" foods for me most of the time but it can't always be done. Yesterday I had orange juice... Such a bad idea spent the next day in the bathroom. I know I did something I shouldn't have but sometimes we all need that little something it's just if we can suffer the consequences x
I miss green leafy salads and lentils the most. A friend's mom was in town visiting. She makes amazing Indian food. She knew I don't handle "heat" we'll from a previous visit, but hadn't been updated on my CD. I enjoyed her homemade Dal A LOT that evening, but I sure did pay for it the next day!