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Anyone had a anal fistula that has had to be drained?



Hi everyone!

I wanted to ask if anyone has had the joy of having an anal fistula that has needed to be drained. By this I mean - through an operation a plastic thread is inserted into the fistula, down the rectum and out of the anus, being tied out side the body. After this hsa done it's job and the fistula has successfully been drained, the thread needs to be removed. Has anyone had this? How was yours removed? Was your rectum completely healed (if it was also damaged) prior to having the thread removed. I'm at the point of having the thread removed and I wanted to have some advice or opinions as to how best this can be done. Thanks in advance:) for your correspondence! Ciao for now. XCX
I've never heard of this being done!!!

Sounds odd, What does the string actually do?

I've had quite a few drained surgically, but never like this. Normally the abscess is drained and the cavity is packed with dressing which is changed every day for about 6 weeks. This normally closes the fistula.

Did the Doc's give you much information prior to this procedure being carried out?
I'd love to know more about this.
i know exactly what your talking about! i have also had fistulas and have had the plastic (or maybe rubber) loop in my butt lol. unfortunatly my abcess is very stubborn and i had to have the loop removed and a larger drain called a penrose in its place.
but as far as the removal of the thread, the surgeon can just cut the loop and then it slides out. it feels slightly weird but i dont remeber it hurting.
best wishes!