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Anyone had a nasal gastric tube ?



Uck that really sucks, they are definitely not a joy to have. But once in not too bad. It is the going in and coming out that sucks.
I don't envy you in the least bit. I've had one and I pray that will be the only one I ever have. I suggest just trying to relax as much as possible and make sure they use the proper gauge tubing, they had to find the smallest gauge they had before it got to where it needed to be.
i had one put in in an emergency situation.

it was either get an NGT to stop me throwing up after surgery, or a traceoctomy (sp?) so i could breath....

i hated the NGT, but it was the better of the two choices.

good luck!
I think it goes in a little easier then coming out. They will probably give you a little bit of water to swallow as they insert the tube nasally. This helps the tube go down correctly. Stay calm and try to relax and it will be a rather easy procedure. I was terrified the first time that I had one but when it was finished I didn't know why I was so worried. Hope it goes as easy for you.
Hated it, worst part of going to the hospital the first time. Every time I turned my head felt like it was choking me. It going down was much harder for me, had to constantly swallow while it gagged me. Not to scare you, its livable, but definitely one of the worst experiences I've had. Only the pain after waking up from surgery rates worse.


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Hi Clare,

Ask them to get someone who does it all the time. There are staff that have the "knack" and do it and staff that dont and do it.

I am asked all the time by colleagues to put nasogastric tubes in. I do them for ventilated, intubated patients on life support and awake drinking or vomiting patients too. If you have someone that has the "knack" of doing it you will find its in in seconds with minimal discomfort. Will make your eyes water and I would say focus on nice steady breathing and swallow the minute they ask.

Have never had one myself but having observed lots of staff when I was on the teaching side it does make a difference how experienced they are.

There are different gauges of tubes as Drew rightly says but they are for different purposes. If this is for feeding you it will be a fine bore tube (as in the smallest possible) so dont worry on that front. They may measure the tube from your tummy to the base of your ear (or around your ear) then across your face to your nose tip. This is to give a rough idea of how many centimetres it is to your stomach from your nose.

How long are you having the tube for Clare? If its more than a day or two then the adhesive tape used to secure the tube to your nose to keep it in place may irritate. Also watch for irritation around that nostril. You could use a little vaseline in that area to protect it from chafing. Some folk dont have any problems with irritation but so many today have sensitive skin hence I have added those thoughts.

Hope that helps and all goes well on the day. Feel free to PM me if I can help more ok? Thinking of you ((hugs))
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I've actually had an NG tube for several years during college. The worst part for me was actually getting the tube down. It's not all that painful, but what helps is if you drink water while you're getting the tube down to ensure it goes down the correct side. When you take it out, I typically just tried to pull it out in one fell swoop, so to speak, and it wasn't that painful. To me, it was harder to get it in that to get it out.