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Anyone had luck on Tysabri

I've been on mercaptopurine for about 2 years, and while it sort of works, my blood tests haven't been great, causing me to constantly have to change dosages and need weekly blood tests. After the last dosage change, it is barely doing anything, as my diarrhea and cramping is getting worse by the day. My GI has recommended Tysabri, provided I don't have the virus that causes brain infections.

As a history, remicade worked for a while, then stopped. Humira never worked. Methotrexate worked, but my side effects were so bad that after about 4 months I had to stop taking it or go on permanent disability (I chose to go back to work). I've had 2 surgeries, the most recent 8 years ago. Each time my Crohn's comes back at the surgery site, and when it is really bad, in my entire colon as well.

Has anyone had any luck trying Tysabri?