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Anyone had more than 1 surgery?

It is possible that having a second surgery will be my next move in the attempt to get to a place where I am mostly symptom free. I am currently on Stelara and (have been for almost a year) a course of Entocort/Budesonide to see if it will calm my symptoms and give Stelara a chance to work. The problem is that the side effects of Budesonide have been like having a flare and the spins, so I'm getting nervous.

I had a bowel resection in 2007 and it was an open surgery down the midline. My question is, anyone had a large midline cut and then a second surgery? I am preoccupied with where they may cut if I have another exploratory-style surgery and my next appointment with the specialist is not for over a month. If you have had a second surgery with another large cut, where did they cut? What do you think about that in hindsight?

Thanks :)
I have had 2 bowel resections which were 5 years apart. Both were open, mid line surgeries as they were done in the 1980s before resections could be done using a laparoscope. The same surgeon performed both surgeries and just cut the original scar out for the second one. This meant that they were able to make it look like I only ever had one incision there. It is hardly visible after all these years. The best news is that I have been in remission ever since and have not had to take any medicine since that second surgery almost 40 years ago! I hope you will have similar luck if a second surgery becomes a reality.
My first surgery was horizontal under my belly button, my second and third were mid line through the same opening. I have also had laproscopic twice. good luck