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Anyone had Seizures on Pred?

Hiya all,

So, I am tapering pred, currently on 25mg per day tapering at 5mg per week, and apart from pain relief and nutritional supplements thats my only med currently.

Friday - I was totally manic.... the house was spotless, meals were loaded up in the freezer and all the presents were wrapped and under the tree... hubby thought we had been robbed when he got in because it was so tidy!

Yesterday, though I was feeling the exertions and a bit shaky, today Iwas totally exhausted, and fell asleep on the sofa.

I woke up to husband and kids crowded around me looking very alarmed and all shouting at me. Apparently I had been fitting violently for quite a while, and as I came round I fought hubby off me vigourously as he tried to examine me (he's a paramedic - lucky eh?)... I had also peed my pants - how much more glamourous can my life get????

So all a bit strange - I felt a bit flaky, and still a bit spaced out and everyone now keeps checking on me, but I don't remember anything other than waking from snooze to concerned faces.

All I can think is the pred? Anyone else had this? I have not had nything like this happen before.

Yikes! No idea but sound scary Lishy! I'd definately check with the doc about that one.
Glad to hear you are getting lots done around the house though :)
Doesn't sounds like pred. I did a search on pred side effects and it didn't appear, but search for pred and seizure and it pops up that it may cause seizures. It may be you are more susceptible and the pred has lowered your threshold.
Best advice is to go see your GP - it does sound like a seizure, wetting yourself is a classic sign as does the spaced out. He'll get you to do a few funny little exercises like touching the tip of your nose with your index finger to check for neurological problems. He might well refer you on.

Unfortunately you need to surrender your driving licence, you need to be seizure free for one year before driving again :(
Been through this with hubby a couple of times now. He's just got his back from being off for 16months this time.


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If you are already on medications for seizures, prednisone can reduce the efficacy of the seizure med....Also, what are your electrolyte levels??? Pred. can effect your KCL levels, which can cause spasms and many other horrible cardiovascular probs....Did you go to the hospital after this incident???

Becareful Miss Lisshyloo, it could be from low blood sugar also. I hope you are okay.

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I havent heard of it on humans but my Golden retriever was on Metacam which is for arthritis and a non steroid anti- inflammatory drug... the Vet said it was not from the Metacam.. damn right it was she was having them just after administering them and finally took her off and she never had another one again. Therefore I am assuming it could be drug related or something else.

I was on Pred many times and yes my house was always spotless and gained a ton of energy and weight. Check with your doctor any seizure is not normal. Kep us updated!
AAHHH - I am on Tramadol for pain..... just googled it and loads came up for seizures.... I had taken my afternoon dose just before I nodded off on the sofa... so maybe its not the pred at all.....

Nope, didn't see the doc after it happened, hubby's profession is a bit of a bonus, and he made sure I was ok, but given that it scared him and he sees these things all the time I think I may have to trip down to the doc tomorrow. It makes me wonder about an incident a few months ago when he found me unconscious at home after hitting my head on a chest of drawers... we thought I had fainted and taken a bump. Maybe it was something else?

Bummer on the driving, I love driving - it was the hardest thing I ever had to learn and my greatest achievement! Seriously, anything I had ever wanted to do before, if I put my mind to it, I could do it, exams etc, degrees... but driving - it took me 7 years of lessons, two tests (near miss with a cyclist on the first one) and now I finally have the car of my dreams - a cute limited edition beetle cabriolet with a red roof, red leather seats and fancy alloys with red inserts! I have never been a car person, but I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it, and it had the perfect number plate for me - pure co-incidence but practically my name!

I just checked DVLA and there is some discretion on it - flippin hope so because the kids school isn't walking distance, even if my bowels were on their best behaviour, and my youngest just wouldnt have the stamina for such a trek, and even though I am not well enough to work at the moment, there is no way I could go back to my job without a car - it's in another flaming county!

The worst thing is it scared the kids - poor little things. I hate being so lame at the moment.

Thanks all for your support... as always, you guys are there for me!

Lishyloo x
Ah yes tramadol - it bunged me up something silly so I haven't taken more than about 3 doses. I noticed the seizure warning on it.

The driving is a pain. Hubby is something a DVAL/discretion lay-expert on this due to a number of seizures over the years. His opinion is that you'll lose your licence, because you've had a seizure. You may have hope that it was drug induced, like his in 2002, but the medical board will turn you down - because...blah. If you ask their opinion they have to jump through more hoops either end of the process. If you surrender your licence voluntarily the process to get it back is slightly easier.

Go see your GP in the morning. It might be caused by the tramadol, or it might not. Best to be sure.
I've said it before and I'll say it again - I hate side effects! I hope you find out what is causing this!


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Sorry to hear of your problems and hope you will soon have them resolved
hopefully you will be able to enjoy Christmas.
wish I had all my housework done!!
All the best
It doesn't Cause Seizures. First off, Its REAL rare. Tramadol just Lowers Seizure THRESHOLD, Meaning if you are on anti seizure meds or prone to seizures, your at a higher risk to have an episode.

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Whew thanks for that awesome info. I hate taking pain meds and rarely have to now but my doc wouldnt give me Percs or oxycotin anymore... major addictions on those drugs. I have Tramadol or Tylenol '3's but a half pill helps me plenty. Thanks again!
Sorry you are having this issue Lishy!! Didn't you have a incident at judo where you fell out in the class? That was the first thing I thought of when you said it might be the Tramadol. I'd go to the doc just to be sure. I know the thought of not having your license is awful - but what if it happened while you were driving? Ugh!!! I had an epileptic person crash into me one time. Luckily the air bag knocking me unconscious was the worst part of the whole thing (which was offset by the cute paramedics :O), but it was still a bad wreck. Just want you (and the little ones) to be safe. Hope you can get it all figured out quick!