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Anyone have constipation and diarrhea at the same time?

I've had watery D and pain for months now and the docs can't seem to figure out why I've got so much pain without much inflammation.

Looking back at all of my recent tests (CT, colonscopy, Sitz Marker, U/S) shows a pattern of "moderate fecal matter" in my colon. So, my new GI has a theory that, although I'm not impacted, there is enough matter to only let water get by and that could also be the cause of this pain.

Has anyone ever had a similar problem?

Also, she mentioned "nerve burn out". Anyone familiar with this?

Thanks! - Amy
My doctors (up until my most recent- we'll see how our patient-doctor relationship goes) have never really thought much of any of my symptoms. My last doctor was a researcher so it was basically always a matter of what my poops looked like and whether I was ready for their latest trials (ugh what a life that was). Anyways I have had issues where I've not been able to poop for days, and when something does finally come out, it's pure liquid, usually a burner, and very little at that. Lots of pain usually comes with those episodes. Like I said though, my doctors never thought anything of anything I told them so I never had anything to go on with it, I dealt with it. I hope you figure it out, let us know!
Crohnadian - thanks for your response! I've dealt with some doctors who I felt just gave up on me, or maybe thought I was exaggerating the amount of pain I am in at times because most of the tests they've done come back negative. It's frustrating to know you're not being heard. And it's a shame that you've had to go through that as well.

Luckily I have found a new GI that is trying a little harder. I hope your new doctor is more helpful than the other ones. Please keep me posted!