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Anyone have pelvic abscess issues after starting Humira?

Back in May I had experienced a partial blockage. I was hospitalized for a week having my stomach pumped. It did not require surgery. However, thereafter my GI Doc informs me that a fistula has formed and he puts me on Humira. A few weeks later I develop pelvic abscesses that is deep in my buttock area. I am on my third JP drain. First time they put in two JP drains. Then it seemed to be clearing up and they pulled those out. Within a week infection began and the abscess filled back up. They put in a larger drain. Kept it for a few weeks until it came out on its own. Same thing happenend again, started getting infected again and refilling. So they put in another JP drain next to the last drain site. It is so discomforting, I haven't been able to sit or lay properly in so long. Sometimes drainage seeps from my old drainage hole. If I press around the area it seeps alot. Sometimes I can feel it come out like passing gas through the old hole. Its a very disturbing feeling. Anyone else having issues like this?