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Anyone here tried Dr. Natura's Colonix & Toxinout Detox Programs?

Tami Lynn

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Has anyone on this board heard of or tried something called Colonix or Toxinout? Colonix is a colon cleansing program and Toxinout is a detox program that is designed to help detoxify the liver, blood and other organs (optimally done at the same time as cleansing the colon)

The above-mentioned products are put out by a company on the Internet called, DrNatura.com The products are recommended for anyone who has suffered from chronic constipation, has lived with IBS, or just wants to find a renewed sense of health by cleansing their body from the inside out. The webiste has a LOT of testimonials.

I'm an "old Crohnie" by label (being diagnosed with Crohn's disease at 14 and now being 36) who has seen her share of BAD days (years of diarrhea, living with cramping pain, abdominal burning, major intestinal surgeries, as well as the myriad of other symptoms so common in this disease).

To make a long story very short, I've been primarily symptom free for the past several years of my life (a very welcome and long overdue relief).

Anyways, I just ordered Colonix and Toxinout from Dr. Natura's webiste and began a one-month cleansing program today (my FIRST day). I may order more and continue on this program for the recommended 3 months since this is my first time to ever try to cleanse my colon and they recommend 2-3 months if it's your first time) But I wanted to start with just one month to see how I do with it...

I'm very curious to know if anyone else on this board who reads this post has ever heard of either of these products, personally tried them or knows of anyone who has. I'd love to hear their results. All feedback is requested and welcome.

As some here in this forum already know, my 17-year old daughter was dx with CD a little over a year ago. I'm thinking that if this detox program works for me, it may benefit her as well. If there is ANYthing I can do to prevent her from having to endure any of the senseless suffering I have had to go through myself, it would be WELL worth it!

Thanks for reading my post and I look forward to hearing the responses.

-Tami Lynn :)
Haven't heard of it, but let us know how it works out. I know when I had my Remicade several years ago I ended up with some super long stools for like the first three days after treatment and I began to wonder if the reason was when my bowels loosened up it released all the backed up stool in a rush. Kinda made me wonder if an occasional cleansing would help or not.
Hi Tami

Just be careful with this and stop it if you don't feel good. I have read in many places on the net, that colon cleansing and detox programs are harsh on the intestines of people with Crohn's and are not recommended. Good Luck and tell us if it helps

For your daughter maybe you should first start with helping her find a diet that suits her, and adding supplements. The main ones are: Omega 3, a multivitamin and probiotics. Try getting the book "The New Eating Right for a Bad Gut"" by James Scala. It has helped me a lot...

Tami Lynn

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Thanks for your repsonses. I will certainly keep y'all updated and posted. I started the program 4 days ago today: nothing very exciting to report...yet. Actually I haven't gone to the bathroom much since I started. I go maybe once or twice a day, but I think everything is not coming out yet.

Thank you for your concern. I have also read that these types of cleanses may not be good for someone with IBD who is experiencing an inflammation or active disease. I have been basically asymptomatic for the past 4-5 years, except for the recurrent bowel obstructions as a result of strictures forming from post-surgical scar tissue and adhesions. That is probably my biggest concern with this cleanse...I don't want the fiber to get "stuck" or create an obstruction, so I am taking it slow until I start to see that I am able to produce as much output as input.

My daughter has been feeling much better lately. The only thing that has changed is the fact that she stopped taking her meds (without my or her doctor's knowledge or consent) and she has started taking probiotics and glyconutrients every day. She finally confessed to me the other day and I could've strangled her (teenagers!)...but, I'm glad she's been doing better even though I can't explain exactly why that is.

Like I said, thanks again for the feedback. I appreciate it a lot.

Robert Smith

Colonix or Toxinout

You can start both programs at any time. While extremely effective at cleansing the colon, the Colonix program is also very gentle; most clients report that they do not have to 'run to the restroom' or keep in close proximity to one. If you want to 'play it safe', however, and you work from Monday to Friday, you might consider beginning on a Saturday morning so you have the first couple of days to get used to the program at home.
for more info on this visit:http://colondetoxcentral.com/:ylol2:
I used Dr naturas colonix.
it helped for a little while, then I had a bad flare which I have been in for 2 years now and surgery. Would I try it again? No. I worry that it may have been what caused me to flare. so bad. Personally, I would reccomend it to a regular person, but not a Crohnie with very sensitive Bowels. Especially if you have EVER had any narrowing. This stuff requires A LOT of fiber.