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Anyone like me out there?!

:yrolleyes:My name is Kim, I was dx with Crohns in 1998. I'm an old timer. My problem is I have been dx with a million things. I have RA, Sjogren, Fibromyalgia, Hypothyroidism, Low Potassium (k+), Major depression disorder, anxiety, and and and...... I am tired of everything. I have had multiple surgeries, ER visits and many hospitalizations. I have chronic pain mostly in my hips and legs. That's been going on for years! I'm a single parent for 14 years now. Just too many issues to get involved with anyone. I feel for everyone of you truly!!!!! I have been labeled a drug seeker because of all my problems and issues. And of course many ER visits. I just need help and people to understand me and how serious this truly is. 15 years is a looooong time. I'm currently taking Humira with prednisone. Many other meds also....I cannot work FT anymore I'm on Disibility at 45, 6 years so far. I think the depression is the hardest part for me. Not being able to do what I once use to do. My kids are 21& 15 so they only know me as being sick..... I was wondering if anyone has similar problems and how they are able to deal. Thanx for listening all. Bless all of you!!!
Hi, Kim. I have UC and feel really tired a lot too. It must be really hard raising two children when you have so much going on physically. Just wanted to send you hugs and support.
Hi Kim..
I have CD too and major depressive disorder with some horrible anxiety. I'm married with 2 teenagers and also have pain all over too. What I have been trying to tackle lately is the depression and anxiety because to me that is the worst..Have you tried seeing someone or practice CBT(cognitive behavioral therapy) and maybe some meditation. I also have been on several meds..and after several years have found the right one. Its still difficult and to be honest thank God I have kids because they are what kept me from giving up. This is an AWESOME forum and its so nice and comforting to know that everyone here has so much in common :). Hugs xo