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Anyone on 400mg bi-weekly?


I'm on 400mg monthly but I think that the medicine starts wearing off towards the end? For the bi-weekly injectors, is anyone dosing at 400mg or just one syringe at 200mg?

Crohn's Mom

sorry NGNG that there's no response here :eek2:

This section of the forum seems to be so under utilized.

My daughter takes bi-weekly injections, but it's 200mg every other week.
Her GI has mentioned going to 400mg and giving it a try if they can't get her symptoms under control. He wanted to give adding 6mp, and Imuran a try first tho. However, it turns out that she's allergic to both of them now, so we're not sure what the next step is. They want to keep her away from Methotrexate if possible. She has an appointment for followup in June, so we will know what the next step is then.

FYI tho, the main reason she was switched to 200mg bi weekly was for exactly what you describe, it wears off about a week + before it was due.


I agree that it seems under utilized but I think there aren't that many on Cimzia for Crohn's. Doctors all push Remicade and Humira.
I have started Cimzia after Humira failed. Initial dose was 400 mg. now it will be 200 every 2weeks. Hard to get used to the shot. Humara's pen for me was easier. The Cimzia shot flat out hurts. I'm thinking of putting ice on the injection site to numb the area. Any thoughts?? It was suggested I use Lanocaine to numb the site. Or. Am I just a wusse. ?? On the effectiveness of Cimzia. Too early to tell. The first week in, no change in symptoms.
I take 400 mg. of Cimzia every two weeks and it is doing a good job! Now the pain i go through when i take the shots is another thing. To me , they are very painful for others it's not so bad. Everyone is different.:Flower:

Crohn's Mom

My daughter numbs the area with an ice pack before injecting and she says it's helps a ton - o and you are not a wuss ! :p
I have just recently moved up to 400mg every two weeks. My GI didn't like what he saw when he scoped me about six weeks ago, so he pushed me up. There was some confusion between the pharmacy, my GI and myself yesterday as to whether I was supposed to be on 200mg ever two weeks, or 400mg, but we were right and it was 400mg.

I can't say it's helped at all so far, but yesterday was the third round of shots at that dose. We're discussing adding in Imuran to the mix to see if it will help. It all hinges on what my blood work looks like.

I also have to say that Cimzia injections really suck. Last night my friend was laughing so hard when she was injecting me because she thinks my skin is toughening up too much. It took three tries with each needle because they just didn't want to go in. Luckily my B12 shot was easy!

If you're ever looking for someone to talk Cimzia about, as there are few of us, don't hesitate to hunt me down.
I just started 400 mg. Humara did not do the trick. whew the shots hurt, I'm going to ice the injection site down to see if I can reduce he pain. Current program is Pred, Ultam, Cimzia and a host of Multi and supplements. I am a J- pouch patient so digestively I am a little more compromised. But as we all do,hopefully tomorrow is better, keep kickin the can down the road. Take care friends
Sorry. My question was to ask whether folks whom have Crohns and no Colon have a different set of difficulties because of the J pouch. Like greater occurrances of Pouchitis , preferred meds, Cimzia, Remicade and are iron infusions a regular part of your lifestyle. And since displaysia has been detected in my J pouch,,,anyone had a reversal after 20 years of j pouch living. Thanks to all.
I finished my loading dose of Cimzia and how after 2 weeks I'm feeling symptoms come back. Seems like this may be common. I'm trying to see if my insurance co will approve 400 mg every 2 weeks, looks like people here have done that. It seems when the med wears off my allergies flare, bad sinus headaches which I never had before. I was on Remicade for 3 years and it was great but stopped working and I was on the highest dose every 4 weeks. So frustrating getting on a new med....appreciate any comments from people who have found the every 2 week dosing to help or not? Best wishes to all.
I just asked my GI today about the 400 mg Cimzia every 2 weeks because it also wears off for me after about 2 to 3 weeks. He told me no its not approved for that. Now he wants to add 6mp to what I take.
Hi folks I have been on Cimzia for 2 months. Flare up are constant so Imuran is the next addition. Severe stomach cramps , constant bloody stool, anemia and the like. My Dr is contemplating Remicade but were going to give Imuran a shot. Current meds
Cimzia 400 mg monthly
Imuran 50 mg
Prednisone 40 mg
Folbic -Lia Folic acid
100 Bill probiotic. Yes 100 bill
Tramadol 400 mg.
Xanax to sleep.
Lexapro cause this driving me nuts.
I have no Colon which compromises things a bit.
Take care folks.
Take care folks.
I just got bumped up to 400mg every two weeks. First two weeks after the shots I seemed to do pretty well, then the next two weeks had problems. I'm hopeful this will help. I was worried about insurance, but they didn't blink!