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Anyone start an antidepressant for the first time during an active flare?

First time poster here! Diagnosed with Crohn’s in 2006 age 25. I’m having a pretty bad flare right now. Didn’t respond to hydrocortisone enemas and now not responding to budesonide. I’m bleeding a lot. Weight down from around 103 to 98lbs.
Has anyone on here ever started an antidepressant during a flare?? I took my very first Wellbutrin 150mg yesterday, but now thinking maybe I should wait until this flare is over??
Wellbutrin is a very hard drug to take IMO. I have never started a mental health drug during a bad flare. I always ask to start with the smallest sized pill when taking metal health drugs and Wellbutrin would of been 75 mg. You will need to watch your food intake a lot when taking Wellbutrin as there is a chance of getting a touch of mania the first few weeks of the medication.
I have no personal experience of this but I am aware of a theory that some antidepressants can help Crohn’s - no idea if it works but I’ll try and post a link if you’re interested

Oh wow! This is so interesting. I can’t wait to do more research on this. Thanks so much!
I personally have taken Lexapro (10mg) for five or six months. But I basically never reach remission. So, I don't have much to offer.