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Anyone take Remicade for joints?

:depressed: My flare started with low bowel issues-ulceration, pain, low grade fevers, night sweats. I've been on prednisone. cortifoam, and Rowasa, in addition to Methotrexate 20mg and Pentasa.

Then the joint pain in my hips/hands/feet/knees started and it is terrible, even painkillers aren't working. I am miserable and so sad because I'm in constant pain and exhausted.

My Rheumatologist put me on Arava and has suggested a large dose of Remicade to break the flare, then tapering off of it and staying on Arava.

Has anyone done this? Thoughts please.:)
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Hi MountainGem, I am not able to help with your question, but am able to sympathize with you. I have been experiencing joint pain for over a year. At my worst, I could not lay down to sleep. I hope you get some relief and answers soon.
Hi mountaingem - is this something you've had for a while or have had before? It's just that Pred can sometimes cause joint pain and it may reduce once you come off it?
I've never hears of it being used that way
but that doesn't mean it can't be

I thought remicade was iv only??
I've been off oral pred for a month but I still use cortifoam, would that count? The pain seems to be getting worse, gonna call Rheumatologist today.
Rob, the dr. wants to give me one high-dose infusion of Remicade and then a few lower-dose infusions, to taper, so to speak.
Anyone else ever heard of that/tried it?