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Anyone tried Chinese Herbal Medicine?

Long shot I know BUT I guess I have to look at all options. I ran into a friend last night who said she was close to having a hysterectomy b/c of continuous heavy bleeding, fistulas (lots of long, long years of women issues with her) etc. Western Doctors said hysterectomy, she was then cooed in to see a Chinese Herbal Doctor (which she was very skeptical about) BUT he has given her some weird teas etc to drink AND it has fixed her issues. I'm still not convinced it would cure my Ulcerative Colitis BUT I think I may go and see one just for interest and to say I've exhausted all options before I decide on what to do with this body of mine.

Has anyone been down this path? Not necessarily with IBD either. This friend said she went to the chinese doctor for jumpy legs and he put some other mix in the tea for her that week and it went straight away. It would be lovely to know we could all sip on tea and be cured ;)
I have had very good results with Chinese hebs. Call me a believer. I was told about them by my regular GI doctor. My doc is very open minded about treatment options and apparently saw these herbs in use for IBD in a Bejing hospital.