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Anyone tried eliminating ultra-processed foods?

Have you tried eliminating ultra-processed foods?

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This topic seemed to feature prominently in a book about diet I was reading, although not in the context of IBD specifically. But associations between food additives and IBD are nothing new. And recently, I've noticed some that specifically mention "ultra-processed" foods. For example:

I'm wondering if differences in preparation partly explains why some foods are a problem for some people, and not for others. And some foods that are often safe, like rice, are often not ultra-processed. Of course, things like nuts are often a problem... but maybe that's more the case during a flare.

Anyway, I'm curious to know if this is an avenue that anyone has tried exploring?
Agreed, I just threw that in at the last moment. It seems this place is fairly inactive, however... 4 votes in a week, including mine. It was worth a shot though. I'll be aiming at improving my diet in any case.