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Anyone tried Vega One?

So I am just starting to flare again. Left a message for my Dr. so I should hear back from him tomorrow. But I am anticipating needing to continue a liquid diet for a few weeks at least no matter what. I have been drinking Ensure but saw a product at the store called Vega One. All the information looks great but wow is it pricey! I am ok with spending the money if the product really is good for you. Otherwise I will stick with the Ensure.

Has anyone used Vega One as their liquid diet?
I have recieved some samples of it from a friend but haven't tried it yet - waiting for my stomach to calm down before trying something new. I've heard great things about it. Sorry I couldn't be more help! I hope your feeling better soon.
I had a severe reaction to Vanilla Vega One product that I bought in February of 2013. My symptoms included diarrhea and eventually bloody diarrhea. I never attributed it to this product until recently. After being diagnosed with colitis, I thought back in my mind as to when the symptoms began; days after I started taking the Vega One shake. However, the label on the Vega one container assured consumers that detoxifying symptoms such as diarrhea may occur when starting use of the product; so I never discontinued use of the shake mix.
The Canadian Health department issued a warning against this product in February 2013, due to the presence of K. oxytoca bacteria, which can cause symptoms such as bloody diarrhea.
(sorry they wont let me post the link to the canadian governments health website, just search it)
American consumers were however were not warned about the dangers of this product. Thus, it was sold in places like Whole Foods while simultaneously being recalled in Canada.
I would stay away from any of these products being that the heads of this company will do anything to make money, even if that means putting their loyal customer's health at risk.


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I'm wondering if you have to pay for your ensure and if not why change to Vega One. must say ensure was a bit too dairy for me. Good luck with EN feeding though. Hope it puts you into remission.


I used Vega pre Crohn's diagnosis when the company first started up. It's a good product but high in fiber and I would not recommend it for someone flaring.

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You can order them direct from the company
Without a script but are considered medical food so you can get a script from the Gi and order through a durable medical equipment supplier which most insurances will cover the cost if infusion therapy.

Nestle nutrition store

Cost about 120 - 160 a case depending on brand
Shipping is typically free
They run sales and discounts as well.
Oley foundation can help with cost sometimes .