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Anyone use Salts confidence natural?

Hi - I was switched to these bags in December as my output is always watery and high output and no other bags worked. They were quite new.
They are fantastic bags - I use the convex and no leaks, comfy, skin friendly as they have aloe.

BUT the last 3 boxes I have had problems with the seams splitting causing leaks. The flange, base eat is all intact it's the sea at the side that just splits.

I've reported this to Salts and am hoping its a bad batch but just wondered if anyone else had had this happe and also to warn anyone using these that it may happen. It only happens if I've worn the bag for more than 24 hours and as my output isso liquid and acidic that could possibly be causing thejoun to rot?
However I had no problems before so I'm thinking it's the batch - one code is 1349185 but other boxes have been affected.

This has never happened withany other bags and initially I thought it was a standard leak so when you leak check where it's come from as it might be a faulty bag!