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Anyone who has started Humira AGAIN, after a long time off?

I first start Humira 2008 and it worked fine. 2011 march doctor decide that we try if i can make without it. Well, i'm obviously not, had a colonoscopy month ago what shows inflammed rectum and ileum. A week ago i start Humira again, 4 doses. My rectum feels better (there is a long fissure,whitch cause me much pain).

I know that remicade can make you antibodies if you have to quit it and start again, but what about Humira? Will it work for me as good as it worked at the first time?
I was off of it for 2 years because of some problems with infections and then when I started it again I got a cyst and MRSA in my armpit. I am worried about the same thing. I had the antibody problem with Remicade (I stopped in 2007, was on it since 2003) and so they switched me to Humira, which I started in late 2008. I stopped in mid 2009 and began it again in late 2010 or early 2011, I can't remember. I started it again about 4 months ago, with 2 months off of it because I couldn't get it. I am about to start it again when my insurance okay's the 4 shots. I will let you know how it goes, it should be refilled within this week.
i'm doing fine! humira is making wonders, again :) my bum is better and rectum doesn't feel painful anymore. Im not so tired anymore.

Jimena :Karl: Humira
YAY for Jimena <3ing Humira

So great to hear Jimena! I love it when things like that happen. I am happy you didn't have any weird things happening with it, YAY! :D :D

I am hoping to start with my dose soon as well, so I hope no more infections happen or surgeries. That would make my life easier and I'd feel super happy. Oh, it's been a long time since I've felt genuinely happy for myself though :p.
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let us know how it goes! I am likely to wind up back on humira from a while off of it
How long have you been off of it for? When did you start it initially? How long were you on it? Have you been using the Entocort successfully between the off periods of Humira?

Sorry for all the questions and sharing but I am really interested because I don't know many people who suffer from Crohn's here in the states and it is so nice to know that there are others here that are dealing with things I have dealt with or know people that have had similar problems. I have met more people with UC than Crohn's or cancer patients-- my dad died of colorectal cancer.
i was on humira for a year or so then stopped it before surgery in Dec 2010. Started up entocort maybe August or Sept 2011. the entocort has made a big difference in my symptoms, though it my slighly losing some eficacy for me but only as of recent, plus I'm getting side effects from it as it is a steroid, so I'm tyring to come of it now.

you say you met more UC patients than crohns patients. I wonder - where do you meet any of them?
Hey all! I posted in another thread but i still put this on here too.

I use Humira 2 injections every 2 weeks, because 1 injection doesn't helped enough. Now i have had diarrhea about week, not so much anymore though and stomach is aching, heart-burns, nausea ect... I don't feel very good. I have been on summer holiday, off work, and no stress. Feel and worrie that this is the end of the beautiful friendship with me and Humira :( I have my blood tests next week and my doctor is calling me on 13th august.
Jimena, are you on any other medicine in addition to Humira? I have not started it yet, but the doctor I saw at the Mayo Clinic in MN on Monday wants me to start 6mp and Humira at the same time. He said that the rates of inducing and maintaining remission are higher with concurrent use of the two drugs.
I had Azamun (same as Imuran) but i stopped it few years ago. My doctor say that Trexan would be better than azamun for some reason. I personally don't like the idea of injectin two medicine, trexan and Humira :( But what else can i do because all the meds are tried and failed.
What's the latest? What did your doctor say? I was on Humira for 2 1/2 years, got prostate cancer, stopped Humira and had the prostate removed. That was 2 years ago. 6 months ago, I had surgery to remove about a foot of small intestine. Now Crohns is back, so I started Humira again. Seems risky, but what the heck! I cant find anybody who took Humira, got cancer, then started taking Humira again. Maybe they're all dead haha. Anyway, I am curious to see how you do on your second go around with the Humira. Sorry it doesnt seem to going that well lately.