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Anyone who's had a resection

Quick question for anyone who's had a resection. I'm a year post ileo-cecal resection and in remission. Do many of you suffer strong cramps that can send you into a cold sweat and if so what causes it or what helps. I get it now and again after eating and just wanted to know if this is just to be expected after surgery. I feel fine otherwise. Thanks in advance for any advice.
Given you're in remission and otherwise well, I wonder if this is adhesions? My hubby had 3 abdominal op's with a botched gallbladder removal, he occasionally gets horrendous cramps which cause him to hyperventilate/etc. Sometimes it's brought on by apples but less so lately.
Of course, if you haven't already, mention it to your doc?...
thanks Beth I think I mentioned it to the surgeon ages ago and he did the colonoscopy which was ok as I feel good otherwise I'm not too concerned I just wanted to know if other people get this and it's just part of having surgery or is it just me. I think it prob is adhesions slowing things down a bit. There is no relation to the type of food I eat and it only happens occasionally not all the time. Thanks for replying
I'm 12 weeks post-op from an ileocecal resection, and I've had some cramping episodes, but not many. I've been able to link it back to specific foods, usually -- do you think it's related to something you're eating? Either way, I always find that a heating bad/something warm on the area always helps.
I'm a year post-resection and have had the occasional cramp but nothing too serious. Again I don't know if this is food related but it always seems to pass in no time. Keep well.
thanks crohn's guy for replying, are they strong enough to bring you out in a cold sweat? I only suffer from them momentarily and they usually pass quickly but they are strong enough to stop me in my tracks. I think it's because my bowel is a bit sluggish from the surgery and I rarely suffer D. I'm well otherwise so not really worried or anything just curious :)
I wouldn't say they bring me out in a cold sweat although they do ocassionaly make me stop and take notice. Don't put too much emphasis on it and enjoy being in remission - long may it reign. Keep well.