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Anyone with Crohns that has had children?

Hi all! I am currently 32 weeks pregnant. I was diagnosed with Crohns at about 18 weeks, which according to my GI and OBGYN is extremely unusual. They said most people with Crohns experience remission during pregnancy, so my case is rare I suppose. I am on remicade and asacol, I just tapered off predisone which i was on doses as high as 120MG per day in the beginning.
Sorry for rambling.... my question is can anyone tell me what their experience after having children? I am just wondering if I should prepare myself for the worst?
I know every case is different, Im just wondering what others have experienced?

Thanks in advance!

My Butt Hurts

My docs said that it is divided by thirds. One third see remission during pregnancy, one third stay the same, and one third get worse. I don't know if it's the same afterwards or not.
My first Crohn's symptoms started when my son was 18 months old (2003). Then on sulfasalazine I was in remission until my daughter was 18 months old (2007), and I had another flare. I felt fine during the pregnancy, but I had very low amniotic fluid. Not sure if it was related to the Crohn's or not.
It just occured to me that I breastfed both children for about a year each. The docs said that an 18 month was too far out to be related to the pregnancy. Maybe my hormones were delayed by a year or something, due to nursing and I technically only flared like 6 months after that - due to hormone changes. (Does that make any sense? It does to me - but who knows...)
Anyways - good luck! Do you have a name picked out yet?? MBH has a nice ring to it.
MBH Ha! poor baby is going to be given a hard time anyway~
We have picked out his First name, Cotton, it is my mother in laws maiden name and DH was very very close to his grandparents. We are having a really tough time with the middle name though~ we just cant seem to find something we like...
Both times that I was pregnant, I was completely symptom free, I felt wonderful. I was diagnosed with Crohns when I was ten years old and mine has always been on the severe side, so not having symptoms for what seemed like the first time ever was amazing. I flared shortly after delivery both times, which is very common because of the change in hormones. I actually knew someone who had surgery for their Crohns while they were pregnant and the baby was fine. Hopefully because you are actively being treated, if you do flare it will be minimal. Good luck, when exactely are you due, my sister is due April 26th and I can't wait, it's her first.
Cotton for a male, that will be intersting, I let my husband name our son, he had a baby name book in his hand, flipped it open randomly, closed his eyes and pointed, opened his eyes and asked me what the name said (LOL, he was never a good reader, he's gotten better now but too little too late), I told him it said Denton, well he loved it (I didn't) but actually it really suites our son, although I chose his middle name which is Michael, I said if this poor kid has to be a Denton then he's getting one of the most common male names for his middle so he can change to Michael if he really hates his first name, but the kid is 16 now and has stuck with his first name all the way so he obviously is okay with it.

So maybe pick a really common middle name just incase Cotton doesn't take a liking to the choice you made for him LOL.

I was on a roller coster from hell because of a 13month long flare with prednisone up and down. I'd start out at 60mg then slowly taper once I'd get to 10 or 15mg, I'd flare hard again. Well after 13months I tapered to 10mg and SUPRISE -I got pregnant and was able to taper off steriods for good. I didn't know I was pregnant for 9 weeks. My dr thinks the extra hormones from being pregnant helped me taper off the prednisone.

The rest of my pregnancy was pretty good. I only had 2 mini flares. :) I opted for a c-section to avoid potential vaginal fistulas.

I've had mild crohn's after having my son. I'm just NOW having problems again. My son is 3, btw.

Good luck to you and your lil one!!!
hi jjmurph, congrats on the baby - i love the name you've chosen :)

i think everyone's different with regard to Crohn's & pregnancy, i know one girl who was a lot worse during each of 3 pregnancies, and another friend who was great all the way through but flared afterwards. good luck, i hope everything goes smoothly for you :)