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Anyone working in a construction trade with Crohn's?

I'm new to the forum, so bear with me a bit! Just looking for anyone out there in the construction trades with Crohn's. I just got diagnosed back in April and am about to start Humira/Imuran in a week or so, and I'm just anxious about my future. Any and all stories/experiences would be greatly appreciated!


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Hi and welcome.

I'm on imuran and just started remicade. Hoping for good things.
I understand that there are famous professional athletes with Crohn's. One of our doctors is permanently immune suppressed from complications from Crohn's - around sick people all day!

I think with construction, you get your disease under control with the meds, and just be very careful if you get cuts, scrapes, etc, from working. Clean everything out well! Once you are treated you may have more energy and feel better.

Also in the construction trades, if you are on jobs where you can set your pace, then you can take it easier on days where you are having a tougher time and maybe push to get the project done in the better moments. If there's only a roughed in bathroom on site....might be an issue.

How are your symptoms?

I am not in construction, but I know it involves quite a lot of hard physical work.

For myself, I think working hard physically put my Crohns off for quite a long time. It is when I started doing less of it when the wheels came off.

If you are able to do it, I think it is good therapy in itself.

I'm in the UK and work as a plasterer!
I have had Crohns since 2007,had a full
Colectomy in 2008,stoma for a year,then
A j- pouch ...
It's all very hard work, and being
Self employed makes for tough
Times .
Good luck to you at work,stick at it.
I am an electrician. I work new construction, commercial and industrial. I had ulcerative colitis and had an illeoanal anastomosis j pouch surgery in 2000 at University of Chicago. Then after a few years I ended up with crohns disease.
Working on jobs that usually only have porto-johns is difficult.