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Anything that makes Crohn's easier!


Balneol - this soothing ointment is so helpful for my abscess and general rawness and irritation after prolonged diarrhea.


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Sleep! LMAO. Gives my body the feeling that I might actually be healing (That is until I get up and move around some more :p )


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My chaise lounge. It's my "happy place". :) It's piled high with blankets, pillows, and stuffed animals. I sit there and crochet and watch TV/movies when I'm feeling really unwell. I have my heating pad there and I have an electric blanket on the chaise too for if I'm really chilled. Sometimes my cat sits on my chaise with me (she's the only other living being that's allowed to sit on my chaise, ha ha). It's so comfortable and I can lie down or sit up depending on how I'm feeling (if I'm refluxing too much then I can nap while sitting upright in the chaise). It's an antique and it has a lot of character. It doesn't match any of my other furniture and I prefer it that way - it stands out, as a chaise should. :)
GPS - Gets us to appointments AND back home.
Each week I make a big pot of soup and freeze it in individual, microwavable servings, so my son can have hot soup whenever he likes.
I also keep bags of organic, frozen fruit in the freezer, so he can always make a smoothie. I buy most of it already frozen, (Costco sells organic frozen fruit at reasonable prices) but I also chop and freeze several bunches of ripe bananas.
Sleep is the only thing that helps. And distraction. If i can relax and stop thinking about the pain and urge it will go away. If it is really really bad only sleep will help. I assume that is because it makes me relax and forget about it for an extended period of time.
A memory foam mattress pad for achy joints and tender spots.
A Kindle for plenty of reading material.
Epson salts mixed with lavender oil for achy joints and blue mood.
Vitamin B 12 supplements and probiotics.
Preparation H Cleansing pads.
Peppermint tea and Sea Band bracelets for nausea
1. Vitamin D once a day

2. Hot baths with eucalyptus oil

3. Cold temps instead of hot temps

4. 3-4 times running per week at least 45 min each

5. Multivitamin (B6, B12, Zinc, magnesium, iron etc.) tabs

6. Men's yoga :)

7. Sleep

8. Vicks VapoRub on your belly at night

9. Information on Crohn's - lots of info

10. Lastly, unfortunately... Also drugs
My comfortable living room chair. Perfect when I need my feet up and it goes back all the way when I need to sleep there instead of the bed. Very comfy all in all.
My cats.
When I am sick in bed the gather around for cuddles and keep me company.
So thank you Pixie, Max, Ruby and Henry.
I love you all very much.