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Apparently i'm loosing weight.

Was just on the phone to my girlfriend saying goodnight and she remarked that she's worried about how skinny i've looked of late. I shrugged that off like I always have, assuming its just her fussing. She then mentioned that her house mate the other day asked if I was ok, because of how skinny I looked, that was harder to ignore.

I'm 6'1 and I never weigh myself as I don't have any scales, but I tend to fluctuate between 12 and 1/2 and 13 stone. Is it possible to be loosing weight in remission? I am a student and my diet at university is a lot more vegetable based than back home, so i'd always put down any differences to that.

I hate how off handed comments like that can lead to me googling for three hours!


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You can lose weight in remission, sure. I tend to be much more like a "normal" person in remission - I can gain weight if I eat too much, and I can lose weight if I restrict calories. When I was ill and flaring, the weight would drop off of me no matter what I did. So it's definitely more difficult for me to lose weight now that I'm in remission, but it's certainly possible. If it were me, I'd get a scale to keep an eye on things, and maybe try to up the calorie intake a bit. Eating a lot of veggies may just mean you're not getting enough calories to maintain your weight, hopefully it's just that and not anything sinister going on. I assume you're still feeling well, no symptoms?
Thanks Cat, i'll give that a go and see what happens. No real symptoms still as far as i'm aware.

Ya Noy, I meant in a CD sense. As in can the IBD still cause you to loose weight/malabsorb if you were in remission.
Yeah I reckon you could still be malabsorbing if you were in remission. Theoretically speaking here, say you had a lot of scar tissue, damaged intestine wouldn't be able to absorb properly even if there wasn't active inflammation/disease.

Thats why some people need b12 injections (even without having had a resection). My nurse said that to me fairly off hand as if one day it will happen.

Other than that, what cat said basically! :)
I wondered that too Holly, though I just had a scope that indicated my colon was as pristine as anything. Could I still have Scar Tissue buried under the initial layer?