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Appendix removal = more chances of getting Crohns disease??

As per some theories the appendix is "supposedly" there to help with repopulate healthy bacteria in the gut, I am curious if one has more chances of getting Crohn's if your appendix was removed???


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I don't know that has anything to do with getting Crohn's.....or developing symptoms...I didn't have mine out until I was in my 20's...and have had Crohn's since I was about 7.


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I had my ruptured appendix out one year before I was diagnosed with Crohn's. But based on symptoms I'm pretty sure I had Crohn's for a good 10 - 15 years prior to the appendectomy.
I just did a search online and there are a lot of articles about that and it was already covered here in the forum a long time ago but it seems that the evidence is not SO strong.....and some studies contradict each the other, in some of them it is statically significant and in others no.....

but the evidence is sketchy at least......

That came to my mind since when they did last Friday my stricture balloon dilation the Dr marked on of the pics....appendix orifice....maybe the orifice was still there but there but they took my appendix when I was 7....I remember that after that weird things started happening with my digestion, food did not went thru my stomach and got stuck there until I vomited, they though I had a piloric stenosis but that was not the case....maybe inflammation??

Some studies






and many more......
I was in clinical trials for a new drug (and I failed) and the personnel with the Pharma company told me that it is very common for these three things to happen when a person has Crohn's: appendix inflammation, Gallbladder stones then removal and herpes.