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Appointment anxiety

Hello. I have Crohns and it has given me anxiety about appointments. Like going to the dentist. It’s almost like claustrophobia, I get nervous about even half an hour where I’d be in the dentist’s chair and unable to use the bathroom. The big thing is, my crohns isn’t even that bad. At home I only have bowel movements 2-3 times per day, so half an hour or an hour should be no problem at all. It’s mostly mental, but does anyone else have a routine for things like appointments? Like certain diet the day before, or Imodium or something to help convince yourself you’ll be fine?
OK, my answer is not gonna be what you are looking for but this is what got me through a very challenging journey as a mom with a boy with CD: Jordan Peterson's daughter and wife's health scare. Tammy did an interview on her illness and it was incredibly sad yet uplifting. Peterson's 12 rules book talked about his daughter's autoimmunity struggle.

Then I listened to his biblical series. I would draw so much strength and courage from his lectures. It's still something I go back to often when I feel the fear and anxiety are getting too overwhelming.

Sorry no diet advice. 🤣
Anxiety is real, everyone gets it some worse then others. The important thing to focus on is what you can control. People get anxious about things that already have an outcome.

As an example, you are going to the GI appointment right? Not going is not an option. Whatever the outcome of the appointment that will happen whether you go to an appointment or not. It is out of your control.

Spend your time worrying about things you can control versus those you can not.

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Please see a psychologist who specializes in medical coping and cognitive behavioral therapy
(Cbt) through exposure therapy
Everyone has anxiety
When it’s interfering with everyday life it’s good to have someone to help you talk it through
They can give you tools to help you deal with it
And get you through it
It will take work
No easy fix
But you can do it
I can relate very well to what you are going through. I try not to schedule appointments for at least 2 hours after meals so I have time to let things go through and use the restroom. When this does not work I may skip or postpone a meal until home. And last but not least is I have told my dentist or other professionals that I have crohn’s and may need to use the restroom during their procedure. So far all have been very accommodating. It also helps me very much that my dentist also has crohn’s so all the staff are very understanding. And yes I have had to ask them to stop a procedure so I could use the restroom once at the doctors office and once at the dentist.
Thanks. I almost want to search out a dentist with crohns now, lol. I think just having the conversation with them and them saying I was free to use the washroom at anytime would be such an anxiety relief. But it’s an uncomfortable conversation to have. My old dentist retired, so this will be my first time at the new dentist. I even found myself trying to get a feel for the layout of the clinic from their Facebook page, so I could see where the washroom was in relation to other rooms/patients. I totally underestimated the mental toll crohns would have. I am a farmer, so the physical health part didn’t seem to bother me as I was always working at home or out in a field in the middle of nowhere.

Lynda Lynda

What you are experiencing is totally normal. Don't be afraid to speak up wherever you are, don't be embarrassed. I was in line at the grocery store check out one day and all of a sudden I felt the strong urge to have a bowel movement. Yes, I said "I have to go to the bathroom !" to the cashier......and I started running toward the grocery store restroom. The cashier just continued with ringing up my groceries, put them in the cart and I took care of the payment after I returned from the restroom. I'd rather run to the restroom than poop in my pants, which I have pooped in my pants many years ago.

God Bless