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Appointment with Gastro Tuesday not sure what it could be

Not diagnosed but have an appointment with my gastro Tuesday. For the last month and a half I’ve had diarrhea not urgent just my normal bowel movement once a day sometimes twice but only if I have a few beers the night before but mushy and thinner then usual sometimes with bits of food in it and very light light brown then a little over 3 weeks ago I Started this constant ache on my right side after a very powerful sneeze feels like under my rib but sometimes feels like my hip area gets a stinging pain both not unbearable but not comfortable along with crampy gas feeling in my lower abdomen above my groin they are both pretty constant along with waking up at night off and on sweaty in the chest area, appetite is kind of on and off but no weight changes maybe down a pound or less in two months, no fever, no blood in stool. I went to my primary and all blood work was perfect expect the ESR was slightly elevated 0-15 it was an 18 and CRP was 0. She wasn’t worried but told me if I have had diarrhea for that long I should go to gastro. Does this sound like crohns to you all?
Elevated ESR is probably due to inflammation somewhere. Could be Crohn’s, could be something else. Worth getting it checked out.
Gastro decided to send me for a stool test an allergy exam and a colonoscopy, she thinks it could be ibs cause my mother has it, but she wants to be sure and check everything, currently on a lowfod map diet

Lynda Lynda

It sounds like your doctor is ordering the right tests. Blood test and stool test and colonoscopy. Keep us updated. Take Care. Lynda.