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Approved for disability. Finally :)

Hey all,

As some of you know ive been doing the social security game for a while now, and FINALLY got approved.

2 years of doing their crap, and one hearing. I do feel lucky the judge sided with me though, else I dont know what I would do.

Now I get to wait for them to decide how much I get. Is it possible they could go any slower? haha

Just wanted to share that!

Hope everyone is well.


:banana: glad you have finally been awarded it and they will backdate it woohoo


I guess i was really lucky cause i was approved for it the first time. It only took about 2 months to get.
Thanks all :)
Now I get to see how long it takes them to actually send me a check...I love how speedy this process is!


CONGRATS!!! I know how relieved you must feel!! I went thru the same crap for 2 years, 3 turn down's. I got a lawyer, and waited for almost a year for the hearing...never got it! I got the news via the mail that I didn't need the hearing!! BUt I still have to pay the lawyer the fee we agreed upon, which sucks, cuz her secretary did all the work. I got the letter June 1st. Now, almost 2 months later...here I sit waiting for my first payment! I think they could go just a lil bit slower. lol. After all, everyone just lovessss the waiting games!!!

You should get a letter of approval in the mail. Also you will get a medicare card too. When you get it, CALL SOCIAL SECURITY IMMEDIATELY and ask about it. You may not need it if you have other insurance. The coverage isn't all that good. I am glad I called them right away, cuz my insurance is better at the moment, and it costs $88.50/mo to have part B. BUt I am sure you will figure all that out eventually!!



Congrats!!! That is really good to hear that it is all over with.

Out of curiousity...

when you are at a hearing, who is arguing against you? What are they arguing?
Thanks again all.

When I went their was a career something or other..who is supposed to tell the judge why you can work...however the judge didnt want to hear what he had to say in my case...I guess I was good at telling my story.

Now if I could get the dang money sometime soon, that would be great...Since my landlord decided to evict me.

I swear it never ends!


That is too bad kc0eks :(.

At least now you know you will be getting money (soon hopefully!) so all these problems will be over shortly.

Keep us updated though.
OK this keeps happening so I would love to know whats up...

On this thread only (perhaps this whole section, im not sure) I can not post without logging in each time. At the bottom it says i cant do anything. HOWEVER, I just replied to posts on other portions of the site and those all said I could post/delete/edit etc.

I find this odd...any clue?
do to you medical illness, your landlord CANNOT evict you!! i went thru it all while waiting for SSI! you'll smile even more when you get your retro check! they sent me over 10,000 last year! the money monthly isnt even enough to survive on, so be ready cause it takes a toll on you! i get paid on the 3rd and by the end of the day i got about ten dollars left and i didnt even buy food my my apt!! happens every month!
josh- I thought that maybe their was some law like that...but I cant find it. Do you know what it is called or how to find out more about it?
I tried looking up ADA and evictions, but that was of no help...

Mike I shall try that. Its an odd problem! Most likely not this site, but something firefox doesnt like? im really not sure.


You know...I've always heard from others that it was hard to get disability, but I got it first try, no lawyer, never declined, got my first check in a month and a half and my back pay in about 2 more months...not bad huh? Maybe because of how serious I have it?