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Appt today, still no answers

I went for results of my terminal ileum biopsy today. Dr said it shows acute and chronic inflammation, but did not offer DX. He wants me to stop taking ibuprofen, as I do take one 800mg tablet a day, as it can cause inflammation. He also has me doing an IBD differential blood draw (which I just finished and will hopefully be able to see those results tonight online). Then I go back in 3 months.

He did say my inflammation is where CD usually begins, which I knew. He also said due to family hx I am more likely to have it, which I already knew. Basically, I still know nothing. He said he wants to be certain it's not something else before he labels me with Crohn's, which is great, but frustrating. So very frustrating.
It seems like he would want to see you sooner. You said he wants you to stop the ibuprofen. I have been told the only OTC painkiller I can take is Tylenol.

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Big hugs
Unfortunately ibuprofen can cause a lot of Gi inflammation and raise fecal cal especially at 800 mg a day .
NSAIDs are a big NO for crohns patients as well
So either way it might be time to talk with the prescribing doc (ibuprofen ) as to what alternatives you can use .
Some are ok with tramadol and other meds
Hope it's as simple as no longer taking it


Hold on to yourself. If I take pain medicine I get more pain, nothing touches the pain, look into pain management in the meantime. Talk therapy works, I've been using exercise to deal with it, I get my worst pain later afternoon to early evening and although it doesn't really help, it's a distraction. Another thing I do for pain every single day is when I get home from work is a hot epsom salt bath, be careful with these but for me it's a 30 minute sweaty soaker, and I usually lose 1.5 lbs. of water weight, I rehydrate afterwards, and although it can hurt just as much to do the bath I usually get some relief, (not always, but I know sometimes I will) then I go to sleep with a heating pad on my chest on the lowest setting, this helps dull the pain to get me to sleep, and is a little relaxing too.