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Apriso anyone?

I just started Apriso today and am in the middle of a bad flare (UC). I am having a lot of blood and am also using Rowasa enemas for the bottom part of my colon, which works well but doesn't get up high enough for my current flare. I am really scared because my UC flares are usually much shoprter than this one and not as severe - cramping and a lot of blood. Also, I have only used oral meds once a long time ago (11 or 12 yrs. ago) as my flares are not usually this bad at all. If anyone else has used Apriso, please let me know if it helped and how long before you noticed results. I am getting really frustrated and worried. Thanks in advance for your help and support!!!
Or other 5-ASA meds???

I want to try again and broaden the input. Does anyone have information on Apriso, Lialda, or any of the other mesalamine medicines. Experiences, how long it takes to kick in, etc... Thanks everyone!
I have been on Pentasa for so long I don't remember how long it took to get started. However, during a flare I have almost always had to rely on a form of prednisone to help me get over the hump. This time it is in the enemas because I am so tired of oral pred. I switched to Asacol HD as the Pentasa just wasnt strong enough, but have never tried the Apriso ro Lialda. The Asascol seemed to start helping fairly quickly, but again, I was already on mesalamine.
I was put on Pentasa when I first got diagnosed. It never really worked for me so I can't say how long it takes to kick in. I was then put on Apriso, which had limited success (helped with normalizing bowel movements, but did not help with the inflammation in the rest of my intestines). It took a few weeks - maybe 2 or 3 - to notice the small change that Apriso made.