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Apriso vs. Generic mesalamine

So I have been talking Apriso (4- .375 capsules/day) along with my bi-weekly humira the past 2 months. It was slowly improving my flare symptoms.

Last week I began taking generic mesalamine (not sure why my GI changed my script) and ever since I felt my flare come back worst. I haven't changed anything I eat much or other meds.

Has anyone experienced this?

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I'm afraid that I haven't had any problem with generics. Is this prescription any stronger or weaker than you've been taking? If so, it might take a little bit for your body to get used to it. If it seems to causing a flare, I'd make sure to contact your doctor though. They might have some ideas/advice as to what's happening. Please keep us updated and sending you hugs.
So I called my GI and she mentioned this is common and has happened to some of her other patients. She has given me a new script and some samples to hold me over until the pharmacy fills my Apriso prescription.

She told me to call her in a week if my symptoms don't improve. She'll then have to adjust my humira or redo the loading doses.

I hope this does the trick...I had been showing promising results with the Apriso and humira. It's sucks playing the waiting game and hoping for remission. 😕