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Archway Coconut Macaroons

When I was first diagnosed (13 years ago) everyone who had heard about Crohn's kept bringing up Archway (thats the brand) Coconut Macaroons. They said that I should eat them and they would help with keeping me out of the bathroom as much.

Just curious but...

A. Has anyone else heard this?
B. Anyone ever told you about a specific food?

I ate a few of them, noticed no real change, and didnt actually like them that much.
I've heard of this, too! I had tried it years ago and didn't notice much difference, but a few IBS sufferers I know have had great sucess with it.
The secret of the coconut macaroons is the coconut oil. You can get better results making pure, unrefined coconut oil part of your diet and skip all the sugar that's in the macaroons. Use coconut oil like you do olive oil. It has a heavenly taste. It's also great as a topical ointment for your skin (I don't use any other moisturizer). It seems expensive but a jar lasts a long time.