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Are meds supposed to heal fissures?

Can anyone tell me if meds are supposed to heal fissures or is this something that is supposed to heal itself in time?
My first horrible out of control fissure that appeared ten years ago was cured by a dose of Infliximab. Literally overnight! It was amazing.
Second major fissure has been very slowly fixed by Humira. After an ileostomy. Really slow going though and my butt was a mess.
Both times I tried Botox - didn't work though.
Hope you find the thing that works for you - fissures are horrible.
My CRS put it to me very bluntly - get a cut on your hand and rub shit on it a few times a day - it's never going to heal. A fissure is the same.
Jessasha & Samboi, I've had no end of problems with fissures. I' used to get through tube after tube of GTN ointment. But if you haven't tried Sitz Baths then please do, or just have a daily bath with Epsom Salts added. I now use no ointment @ all-its that good. Well worth a try.
Best Wishes
I've definitely achieved relief with sitz baths, baby wipes, calmoseptine, lignocaine etc.
I also took to pooping in the shower, with the hot water shooting on my butt, and baby wipes to clean. It was like shitting acid. Unbearable pain.
Also went through a lot of hospital grade bleach!!! Lol
My fissure healed with cream. I think infliximab and humira can heal them, and apparently even fistulas. Don't know of any other med that could work. Have you tried cream/ointment?
Remicade healed my fistula and fissures. My rear end almost feels normal right now. I still have an area that is tender when I go more than twice a day.

I had multiple chronic deep fissures for almost 5 years - pure living hell. I tried all the common methods to heal them - high fiber, ointments, sitz baths, etc. and nothing would heal them. I finally had an Lateral internal sphincterotomy (LIS) in Jan 2010 ( they cut part of the innner sphincter muscle). This surgery is when my surgeon thought I might have crohn's based on the appearance of my fissures. I am so thankful he still went forward with the surgery. It took me longer to heal from the surgery but it has helped immensely. My surgeon skipped botox with me since he said I had to much scar tissue.
Thanks for all your replies.. I have been having problems for about 18 months.. I have tried all the meds except biologics which is next on the list.. GI recommended I use proctocedyl ointment and I have been using baby wipes and trying to keep the area clean and dry after BM's. I find the Proct cream and other methods are just temporary and as soon as I stop it just comes back.. My anus is also kinda swollen and the itching is insane at times
I am hoping that my GI will put me on Humira, I see him on the 28th. I Hope he is willing, I don't see any other option.. This perianal crohns is really doing my head in..

Many thanks

Previous meds:
Prednisolone 40mg
Immuran - Affected my liver
Methotrexate - Allergic reaction/week 9
B12 injections, D3, Fish oil, Zinc
as far as the itching and swelling goes, Preparation H COOLING GELL works, for that.. make sure it is the cooling gell and not the regular kind as the regular kind smells... they even make prep H with aloe..

Prep H also has the cleansing wipes like tucks makes..

the other issue is what does the other side look like, inside of the rectum/colon?

My Fistula is smaller than it was in April and the Surgeon says they should be able to do the colonoscopy they couldnt do in april this Aug/Sept. They are going to go down through the stoma and then up through the rectum.

The Cipro and Flagyl helped get rid of a lot of mucus and bacteria while i was on it but the DR says I dont need to take them.

Hope you feel better.
I have not had the experience myself, but I know Humira its suppose to be able to heal up fissures.A friend of mine just had her fissure heal up quite quickly on Remicade. I have no idea about Cimzia.