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Are there any ex-Vegans who developed GI problems from the diet?

I am going to try to keep this as short as possible, but I am hoping that some of you will be able to relate to my experience with the Vegan diet and hopefully confirm some of my symptoms.

After nearly two-years of Remicade infusions, I started a strict Vegan diet and felt so good that I asked my GI doctor to stop the treatment.

For two years and ten months I was Vegan and for the first year, I felt great, but over time, I began to get brain fog, joint problems, increases in anxiety and obsessive compulsive disorder, dizziness, eye problems and about six months ago, some of the vegetables I ate were coming out mainly undigested and I thought that this would "resolve itself" over time.

As time passed, my strength began to decline and to combat this and the brain fog, I began to take more and more supplements to try to compensate for this decline: Restore For Gut Health, Rosemary and other herbs to wake up, Zinc, B-Complex, Algae-based Omega 3's, Turmeric, Super Silica and Cell Power, Spirulina and Chorella.

When my Crohn's symptoms went nuts, I began taking Colloidal Silver and Oil of Oregano, but it was like trying to put out a forest fire with a garden hose.

So about three-months ago, lots of blood, yellow and green stool and diarrhea, night sweats alternating with chills, extreme weight loss-I had to stop working out (weights) and could not longer meditate and I have been on Prednisone for about six weeks now.

I have done extensive reading up on how Humans consume far too much fiber and the excess carbohydrates that come with those carbs.

And every single plant, to varying degrees is packed with anti-nutrients and nutrient blockers such as Lectins, Oxalates, Phytates, Saponins, Tannins to name a few, and if someone consumes anti-nutrients over a long period of time, they accumulate in the body.

There are over one-thousand ex-Vegan interviews and testimonies on You tube and a very common complaint are IBD and IBS problems with some people stating that "the food they ate came out the same way."

My GI doctor (after seeing him a few times recently for a Colonoscopy and consults said nothing about making any dietary changes only opting to put me on an TNF med - I've been approved for Entyvio which I will only use if I am at death's door.

So my question is, are there any other Vegans or ex-Vegans who have had similar experiences to mine, and if so, what have you (and your Gastroenterologist) done to deal with this?
I'v been Vegan for about 4 years but it has definitely not caused my IBD.

IBD can be influenced by but is not caused by diet.

Yes, plants have anti nutrient as a natural defence mechanism but you would have to consume them in very large quantities over a long period of time for this to become an issue. In a normal, varied vegan diet, this would not even come close to being a problem. Human have consumed plants for thousands of years without a problem.

When people come off remicade, approx 50% flare again within a year. It sounds like you have done well for a while but unfortunately your symptoms have returned. Diet could be a factor in this but it is certainly not the only factor.

The latest research suggests that suppression and disregulation of the innate immune system is the underlying trigger for IBD - this is caused by a combination of environmental, immunological and microbial factors. You can find out more about this here - https://humanpara.org/berkeley-conf...-crohns-disease-by-restoring-innate-immunity/

I had a tough time on remicade and also went med free for a while. Unfortunately, I flared again and I am now on Enyvio - it has far less side effects and to the be honest, I wish I had just switched to E sooner - would have saved me a whole lot of suffering!