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Are these my last pair of trainers?

Hi my name is Matthew ,i'm 42 was diagnosed with Crohn's nearly 20 years ago. After a few bad reactions to treatments, which included my weight dropping from 12 to 8.5 stone, I started being more careful about what I ate and planning my day around toilet location and work breaks, I have been able to manage on my own.

Last year however I started being incredibly fatigued, loosing days at work, some weight loss, developed anal fissures, toilet trips went from 10 plus per day to 1 until I was off work more than on. Few trips to doctor who sent me to hospital eventually, blood tests all ok booked me in for a colonoscopy (hooray!!), while being probed I was asked to look at screen, lovely big blockage told it was cancer they took biopsies and tattooed it and booked me in for a CT scan, which found an additional blockage and a massively inflamed transverse colon caused my crohn's.

The biopsy came back inconclusive for cancer so I had spent nearly a month Googling (is that a real word?)and panicking I had two massive tumours and was trying self diagnose what stage cancer I had, writing goodbye letters, wondering if my trainers would last me out, seems such a waste to buy new ones for a few months.

On Tuesday 3rd June I am going in for what is planned as a subtotal colectomy, removing my transverse and descending colon for certain, but it may have to be total depending on how bad everything is when he looks, the colonoscopy could only look the first 15cm inside me before the growth prevented any further progress, and the CT scan is not as reliable as actually looking. Also an iffy shadow on my liver. Love medical terms like iffy.

Yes I am scared.


I'm sorry and can understand how scary it is. You will be in good hands and they will remove all the diseased parts. Hoping you get a new lease on life after the surgery.


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Hi meech and :welcome:

Whoa! Little wonder you have googling and are scared! :ghug:

I am sorry I am late to this. :( I hope all has gone well with the surgery and nothing sinister was found. I also hope this finds you recovering well and speedily! Good luck!

When you are up to it please let us know how you got on.

Dusty. xxx

Trust me, we're all guilty of Googling and getting ourselves into a panic, but please don't take anything you read as a certainty. Your doctors will give you the facts. 9 times out of 10 when searching online you get the worst possible scenario.

Really do hope everything goes well and you get a new pair of trainers to wear out, and many more to come!

Lewis :)

* Just realised I'm a tad late. I do hope the surgery went well and please do get back to us as soon as you're able to. :hug:
Hi Meech,

I'm not sure whether you'd be out of the hospital yet or not, but if you are, how are you doing? It sounds like some major surgery that was going on with some major questions left hanging in the balance. I hope whatever they found was benign or still located in the same point of origin and the spot you mentioned on your liver was nothing.