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Are they the same??



is prednisone and prednisolone the same??

im on 5mg tablets - 8 this week, then 7 the next then 6 etc. last time i was on them i remember having soooo much energy. it was great. really really dont want moon face tho


They are definately the same family of drugs (steroid, more specifically corticosteroid), but I do not know if they are different in any way.


they are the same, the only difference Ive noticed of is that people from the UK seem to call it prednisolone more often, and in North America prednisone.. I think its just a different generic/brand name thing.. I could be totally wrong about this though ;) so feel free to correct me.


You are correct actually Valentina aka medicinewoman it is just a brand name thing and nowt to worry about at all. Pfizer is the manufacturer worldwide generally for prednisolone as far as I can gather.


Velentina is right...UK is prenilosone or wahteveer, and USA is prednisone.


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One extra thing you might want to do.. Since you can access the internet, it might be beneficial to check out the website of the Worldwide manufacturer. It may contain current, pertinent info regarding dosage, side effects, possible interactions with other drugs, and the recommended way to take this drug. I mention it because, despite receiving & reading the literature from my local druggist I expereinced problems with my meds. However, when I went to the website, their best practice recommendations for taking it were different than what I'd been told. (I was told to take with food, website says to take 1 hour before food). Guess what? Following the website advice reduced my problem taking the drugs.. side effects were less. Either the website info is up to date and the printed material that came with the drug is behind the times, OR else a human error occurred somewhere (something got lost in the translation). you have to be careful that you are at the right website AND that you aren't comparing apples to oranges (i.e. be sure of the name, dosage, manufacturer) A lot of times the info on the net is less than reliable, but if you are dealing w the worldwide manufacturer, and it's their product & info, the info there will be probably the best source (most current, most accurate). Food for thought??