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Are you drinking coffee?

Coffee was one of the first things I had to give up after being diagnosed with the Crohn's disease. It was just making my condition worse by making the colon more active. That was long ago, and as much as I loved the taste of coffee I wasn't really thinking much about it.
This changed when my wife bought an espresso maker. Maybe if I try decaf it would have less effect on me?
I did some research and apparently even though the stimulating affect of coffee on the the bowels is known for a very long time, it is not known which compound is causing it. It is not the caffeine so decaf would not work.
Instead of trying a whole cup of regular coffee I decided to just try a single shot espresso. A single shot contains only one ounce (30ml) and I thought that if I minimize the amount of liquid I should be OK. I am happy to report that it worked! Everyone is different, but drinking only one shot of espresso has absolutely no negative effect on me.
If you love coffee, but had to give it up due to IBD, maybe give it a try.

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We have a Keurig machine here at home. Mainly my husband uses it for his coffee in the mornings and it gets him going (with caffeine). But, occasionally I have a cup of decaf. But, I think why it does alright for me is that we put a bunch of lactose free milk in ours. So, it's not straight coffee. I'm not sure about espresso makers. But, that's what we do for us...
Coffee has consistently had no effect on my crohn's. I had one bad flare where whole-roast coffee would cause cramping and I switched to instant coffee for a bit until I recovered.
I just bought myself a Peet’s coffee with honey syrup & cinnamon. Amongst other ingredients, trying to steer clear of bad stuff within the coffee itself. I just got diagnosed with Chron’s last month. I had 2 dietician's saying coffee in moderation is fine, but others say it can cause a flare. How dangerous am I being with this coffee test?
A year ago I was going to Starbucks on a regular basis. This year I am in a Crohn's flare and haven't been to Starbucks for a year. I have 12 ounces of hot coffee at home in the mornings. If I try to drink 24 ounces of coffee, I don't feel well. At least I have saved hundreds of dollars by not buying all those expensive coffee drinks 🤔

I have been craving a Cortado coffee drink from my "neighborhood" coffee shop, but I am afraid to drink one. 😥

My sister sends me e-mails about her going put to coffee shops in the City she lives in and then I just get bummed out that I cannot do that right now. 😕

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I totally understand that feeling of not being able to buy whatever favorite drink you want, trust me.... I can't have a Mike's Hard Lemonade anymore, for example. Hang in there Lynda, you can always find alternatives. I heard some type of Mushroom Coffee exists which can boost energy and it is also healthier than traditional coffee. Maybe you can look that up?