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Are you participating in Heel n' Wheel-a-thon?


In Canada the Crohns & Colitis Foundation has a yearly event all throughout Canada called the Heel n'Wheel-a-thon. this is an event to get everyone out for either a run, walk, bike, roller blade or any other form of exercise to complete the 8k (or whatever the region's length is) course. I first participated in this last year, and am doing again this year.

It is a great day event, and it raises a lot of money for Crohn's & Colitis research. I was curious if anyone was also going to participate in one, or if they participate in any other simular fundraising event in their area.

If you are interested in donating to the cause of finding a cure for IBD, you can give me a pledge online. If you are doing this event as well feel free to also list your sponsor sheet in case anyone is interested in donating.

Mine can be accessed by the link below:



Mama Crohnie
Mike I will definetly sponsor you, the only problem is I have no Credit Card. If you trust me enough...which I sure hope you do, I will send you a money order for a generous amount to find a cure for our Disease. So glad to hear your walking, I am too...and so looking forward to it. If you want to send your address privately, or even better...I can see what I can do on my end to donating for you... from CCFC.

Walk On Friend!!


hehe i would but it could a be a very long walk to get there hehe