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I have really been having issues lately with arthritis. My Crohns is actually fairly stable right now, and I am not having to many issues with it. I would be feeling great if it wasnt for my joints. I has mostly been my back, but today my ankles, knees, and wrists are pretty sore. I saw a Reumatologist last week, and I got some xrays of my back, some blood work, and I am getting an MRI of my back in a week. He talked about putting me on Celebrex or salsalate for joint pain depending what the results come back as, but I dont know how I feel about that considering all the problems is could cause my Crohns. Any advice how on how to reduce some of this pain would be appreciated. Is this something that comes and goes with you too, and if so how long do the arthritis flares last?

I suffer with arthritis and for me it comes and goes with no pattern, except I find it's worse in the winter. I didn't like taking anti-inflamatory meds so stick with pain killers.

You'd think it would make it worse, but I went to a physio and he gave me light exercises for people with arthritis. It reduces the joint pain and stiffness and helps you improve the muscle around the joints. Swimming or water aerobics is really good because the water reduces the stress on your knees and hips.

Hope it improves soon, can imagine how your feelin :(

Lyndsey xx


Don't know whether I've got Arthur, but my ankles are bad at the mo, feel like they're gonna break! First thing in the morning, I'm hunched up cos my knees don't work!
Once I get moving, I'm ok, but it hurts to bend down.
It's been a bit damp here, and that's when it's at it's worst, hoping the warm weather will ease it a bit, it usually does. My doc has given me Ibugel, an anti inflam with Ibuprofen in that doesn't bypass your stomach, which helps a bit.
I get pain in my back, neck, knees and shoulder and the only things to touch the pain is opiates; buprenorphine patches are great!, and gabapentin. I've been thinking of coming off the gabapentin because of side effects and maybe swapping it for something like Hydroxychloroquine - a DMARD. I went to a rheumatologist but he was adamant I didn't have Crohn's Related Arthritis, and recommended Etoricoxib; but my GP and gastroenterologist were somewhat aghast at this. So it seems even COX2 inhibitors are frowned upon.

Of course, also used for arthritis and Crohn's are the biologics like Humira. My pains are a lot less when the Humira is working well, hence I'm bumping it up to one a week instead of fortnightly. So I'd really recommend going down this route if you can.
I just had xrays and blood work for arhtritis and nothing showed up. She put me on 10mg of pred its day 3 and no change. Does Crohns related arthritis show up in these tests?