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Hi All, I have been a CD sufferer for the last 21 years, but had my official diagnosis 19 years ago. I have been in an "inactive/remission" state for many of these years until recently I suffered swollen hands, wrists and knees and ankles. I have had investigations for rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, carpal tunnel syndrome and this has taken almost 3 years to gain a final diagnosis and that is it is down to my Crohn's disease!! WWHHHHAAAT?!?!? It seems that the symptoms of arthritis are occasionally confused with inflammation from Crohn's, so I have had surgery on my hands, suffered for nearly 3 years and all it took for the inflammation to go was a steroid injection?!?! Has anyone else had any experience of this side-effect, my other symptoms are "dry patches" on my eyes and sausage fingers on my hands!!! the Crohn's disease is always there in terms of GI discomfort and constant diarrhoea but I can manage that.


Hello and welcome to the forum :)

Problems with joints can certainly occur with crohn's I find I especially get problems when the tum starts to act up. Out of interest have are you on any meds for your crohn's? Are the docs now checking things inside to see if there are problems going on inside? Also have you ever had any of your vitamin levels checked? If not I would ask your doc to do a full check in this area.

Hi Angrybird,
Yes, my bloods are taken monthly as I have recently switched meds to sulfasalazine, my vitamins levels are within the norm, I have a Ph.D. in biochemistry and I have (probably) too much inside information!! I am 45 years young and basically am just coming out of probably the worst 3 years of my affliction, being unable basically to carry out normal tasks like opening bottles and doors and such!!
Thanks for your suggestions, I hope that the swelling in my joints stays away, I hope that you are in good health (CD notwithstanding)
Hi David,
yes, its the only medication I am on specifically for the crohn's, apart from a course of steroids I am currently on for a flare up, this is the first time that my condition has been called "active" I am on prednisolone and this is on a diminishing dose over the next 4 weeks. I take glucosamine sulphate, omega 3 oil, yeast tablets, folic acid (I am cholate deficient). I am currently recovering from this flare up but am currently feeling weak, dizzy and fragile!!

thanks foryour concern


Naples, Florida
Is your Crohn's just in your colon or your small intestine as well? What are the yeast tablets for? And finally, have you had your vitamin B12 level tested? If so, when and what was it?

Sorry for all the questions :(
Hi David,
As far as I am aware my CD is confined to my colon, I am having some investigations overthe next few weeks to ascertain the CD. I take yeast tablets for my general health, I am cholate deficient and the folate and B-vitamin levels are vital for good health. I have not had my B levels monitored as far as I am aware,


Naples, Florida
I'm concerned about just the sulfasalazine because it only works topically in the colon. Crohn's disease can affect every layer of the bowel so you're really only treating the surface level of the disease with it. It's not even approved for use in Crohn's disease because the data backing its efficacy isn't that strong, some doctors just use it off label.

As for the yeast, I am going to page our science advisor, Judith for her opinion on yeast intake like you're doing.

If you haven't had your vitamin B12 levels tested, I would strongly suggest doing so, especially if you're fatigued. B12 deficiency is common in people with Crohn's and can lead to fatigue.


Crohnsforum Science Advisor
Welcome to the forum. I am so sorry you are having to deal with these health issues.

I would highly discourage your intake of yeast in general (foods, beer, etc) and especially the yeast tablets. Many people with Crohn's disease have an inappropriately exaggerated immune response to Zymosan, a component in Yeast cell walls. This exaggerated immune response can trigger a "vicious cycle" of Inflammation commonly seen in Crohn's disease Flares.

This intestinal inflammatory response to Yeast cellular components can increase the permeability of the GI tract (permeability of tissues normally will increase as a result of inflammation). This increased GI permeability can increase the likelihood that "Bad" microbes will cross the GI tract barriers and may cause infection and further Inflammation.

In addition, these yeast tablets can "Prime" the the immune system, as the body inappropriately thinks it is attacking a pathogen. This immune system priming can often lead to an inflammatory response in other areas of the body (for example your arthritis symptoms).

These yeast tablets could be priming your immune system daily and propogating your inflammatory disease symptoms. I cannot tell you how many people with Crohn's disease are taking these yeast tablets that have the same symptoms that you are having. It might be worth a try to stop taking the yeast tablets for a period of time and see if your symptoms improve. I would plan on stopping the tablets for at least a few weeks or a month as it may take a while to see improvement (but it might be quick too).

On a related note, I know many people are taking Lactobacillus supplements. These supplements can cause a similar Inflammatory response in Crohn's disease patients so I would warn against taking these supplements as well.

I sincerely hope you feel better soon and Welcome to Crohnsforum.
Wow, i have never heard about yeast causing this type of response, i shall stop taking them if they cause this, especially as i am bleeding.

will stop for the next month and see how we go!!

thanks again,


Crohnsforum Science Advisor
Thanks for trying to set aside the Yeast tablets. A lot of this is trial and error. How are you feeling?
No different , really, but have to say have had a procedure in the last few days, a barium meal and a dose of motillium to increase gut motility. I have spent almost a whole day locked in the bathroom on the floor!! i shall keep logging symptoms to see if any changes occur. thanks for the interest!