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I have been having some joint issues lately. I stand or walk for most of my work shift and some days I am fine, other days I am left with a lot of pain. What hurts most is my hips, knees and heels. I am just shy of 40, so I feel like arthritis isn’t out of the question however I don’t have any hot or inflamed joints.

I’m assuming my heel pain is plantar fasciitis. My hip and knee pain is a mystery to me. I just don’t know if it’s from over use or arthritis.

How did arthritis first manifest for you? How severe was the pain? How often? Where was the pain? What at home treatments or footwear helped you?

Not sure if I should bring it up at my next GI appt. (end of July) or schedule a separate appt.

my little penguin

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Schedule an appt woth a rheumatologist they can help assess if it’s inflammation or osteoarthritis
Both hurt but treated different ways
Ds was dx at age 10 with arthritis
Crohns dx was at age 7
Gel inserts can help woth feet