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Asacol "bullet shell casings"


One Badass Dude
Anyone find the remnant shards of the Asacol pill irritating the already-inflamed bunghole?

They're coming out in smaller pieces lately for me.


Asacol often came through whole for me. Other times I would just have the pieces.
Turns out the asacol made my diarrhea worse. I only know this because I tried starting it while in remission and got diarrhea. As soon as I discontinued I was fine.
Had the same thing happen to me...saw those little red pills in the toilet. GI said it was fine and would happen from time to time. Does mean that they didn't fully dissolve though.

Asacol didn't work for me...maybe cuz they came out whole!
Asacol's the only thing I've ever been on and it's helped. I was afraid it wasn't because I saw the shells and occasionally semi-dissolved whole pills but my GI insisted it was fine. I restarted while I was flaring and it got better so it does seem to help me. I hear a lot of people don't like it though. I do hear you on the shells being painful though...not all the time, but if things are particularly tender then it's pretty unpleasant!