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At Last - Found the Ideal Appliance!

after months of trying different stoma appliances, and experiencing at least one problem with each one, i have now found the one which ticks all the boxes for me.

i needed one with some degree of convexity in the flange, as my stoma does aerobics, disappears into my skin, and pops back out bent.. therefore when it produces output in this position, the output seeps under the flange of most flat-flanged appliances, and has caused me panic & soreness for a long time.

i've tried many convex ones, but they've either dug into my groin where the fastening is, or they have a rigid ring around the flange area which i feel protudes under my clothing, or feels very restrictive. i hate 'feeling' the bag on me, and much prefer to have one which i can forget is there - ie comfort is a big issue for me.

i've now settled on a product manufactured by Welland, who are a British company, but do export worldwide. the appliance i am using is part of their Curvex range - http://www.wellandmedical.com/we/products/Intl/Stoma-Care/Curvex/drainable_ileostomy/ - code number CDL513.

the flange is small compared to many others, soft & flexible, with excellent adhesion. it has just enough convexity to keep my stoma in place at all times, without having any rigidity at all. the drainable fastening is a fold & velcro system, very comfy, and because it's quite a short bag, it does not hurt my groin area at all.

the whole thing lies quite flat against my stomach, and i'm not conscious of it being visible under my clothing.

just thought i'd share this info with you all in case anyone's having the same problems as i was.

WOW!!! your stoma can do aerobics. Mine is jealous of yours. lol

I am so happy for you that you finally found a system that works and sticks to you.

Wishing you an odor and mess free weekend!!! :D:D

Gutless Wonderwoman
That's awesome Sue! As you know my stoma does acrobatics as well. It's awesome that we have both found products that work for us. I have not yet had a leak with my convatec appliances and I even had output sitting on the flange all night as I slept.haha
lol you two... my stoma is the only part of me that does aerobics these days :D

glad you've got sorted too, Jeff - it makes such a difference to feel confident in the appliance.. since i started using these ones, i've hardly even given my stoma a thought - whereas before i was constantly checking it and wondering if everything was secure down there.