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ATOS tribunal tomorrow!!!!!

This isn't really crohns related but it's making me feel very ill...........

Tomorrow I have to face a tribunal panel to prove that 18 months ago I was unfit for work. At the time I had had surgeries on my right wrist and on my left shoulder, 4 months apart, each was much slower to heal than expected, in fact my wrist won't heal fully and I still experience pain everyday :(. My shoulder should have taken about 6-9 months recovery but really took about 16, thankfully the surgery as a success and I got my arm movement back, though still a bit of pain. But for the longest time I suffered extreme pain every time I tried to use my hands and arms. I'm also type 1 diabetic and had hurt my back. Have since found out it is a protruding disc and OA in the lumbar regime, been diagnosed with significant diabetic maculopathy and of course, how could I forget... crohns.

I also found a lump on my left lower leg which was thought to be a partial tear of the Achilles, and until I saw a surgeon I was given mobility limitations which made me really scared to go out, however, I was found to be fit for work cos one "hand" worked fully as did one "arm" so I was disallowed the benefit. I appealled the decision and now it's tribunal time.

Has anyone else had to sit a panel that could give me a few words of advice? Would be much appreciated. Thanks for reading.
Well it's all over and as expected it was tough. The panel were very respectful and not at all what I was expecting (hope they weren't wolves in sheep's clothing, will find out in time). So now I have to until the postman brings my the decision, fingers crossed, but I'm not getting my hopes up.


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Good luck Lizbeth, I hope they use their heads and find in your favor, they'd have to be crazy not to from what you've described.
Just a wee update.........I WON !!!!!!!!!!

Thank you so much for all your thoughts and prayers :):):):):) I can't believe it.
Thank you both, I never expected it to go my way, it's so wonderful to feel like I've actually been believed and no longer have to fight, I really can't believe it, thank you so much for the support.