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Availability of restrooms during COVID?

Like most of you have probably been doing, I have been minimizing my trips out during this COVID insanity. I was in a situation last week where I had to go to an appointment that involved a round trip of about 130 miles. I noticed that virtually every location that I would depend on for a restroom is now off limits due to COVID. This includes fast food places, gas stations, highway rest areas, etc. All have closed their restrooms and will not make any exceptions. I understand wanting to limit spread of the virus, but denying access is a bit extreme, especially to those of us who have to rely on the availability of a restroom if we have to travel.

Is this a local phenomenon, or have any of you noticed this in your areas?
Yes same here to in Rhode Island....130 miles damm you in Oklahoma ,lol.....I throught going to Boston,Ma. 1 hour + away was bad.. I understand though, I truly cant go to the bathrooms just anywhere, my wife can, but, not me.....When I was on Linzest, the best meds to help with getting the intestines to move,,,,,,, I would have anxity because Im going out and dont know what is going to happen with needing the bathroom. It is a BS life style we all HAVE to adapt to[FORCED by crohns]