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Avascular necrosis?

Has anyone else had trouble with bone and Crohn's? I went in for a CT SCAN to see if I was going to have resection surgery. My terminal ileum is looking better so my GI is hopping the humira is working. BUT, I have avascular necrosis of femoral bone. I have been reading up on this and see its linked to steroids, Crohn's Disease, etc. Was wondering if anyone else has this issue, and was wondering what I had to look forward to.
Hmm, never heard of it but steroids have so many horrible side effects. I hope it doesn't turn out to be too horrible for you.
Well my GI told me by the time I turn 50 I will have major problems and will be a great candidate for a hip replacement. If it aint one thing its another.

Taking one day at a time.
I'm familiar with both. I have Crohns -- and several in my family have a vascular necrosis. I don't think there is a connection though between the two.

I've had bursitis in my hips and always panic but scans are always clear
Yes, it is connected. I dont know if its connect through the steroid use or the disease its self, but they are connected. Do you have any pain with the bursitis? My doc tells me that the scan showed the top of my right femor pivot point is 15% deteriorated. I dont feel anything as of now, just wondering when the pain starts, how bad it will be.
Pottytime- have you tapered off the steroids or are you still on them (even a small amount)? How are your other symptoms? I'm curious if you stop the steroids and started taking suppliments for joints if it'll slow down the process. I'm not familiar with it though...

On the flip side I'm glad your seeing some improvement on humira. I know it's been a long road and I hope your symptoms are starting to subside