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Avoid Splenda until further studies

Animal studies indicate Splenda destroys a lot of good bacteria and affects (P-gp) levels to a degree that medications may be rendered ineffective.

In my opinion this is especially serious for people with Crohn's since we really need more good bacteria and are usually on some kind of medications also.

What do you think?

To read the article you may have to sign up for Dr. Mercola's news letter, but it is free and quite interesting. Otherwise an internet search will likely bring up the same info on a different site.



James Turner, the chairman of the national consumer education group Citizens for Health, has expressed shock and outrage after reading a new report from scientists outlining the dangers of the artificial sweetener Splenda (sucralose).

In animals examined for the study, Splenda reduced the amount of good bacteria in the intestines by 50 percent, increased the pH level in the intestines, contributed to increases in body weight and affected P-glycoprotein (P-gp) levels in such a way that crucial health-related drugs could be rejected.

The P-gp effect could result in medications used in chemotherapy, AIDS treatment and treatments for heart conditions being shunted back into the intestines, rather than being absorbed by the body.

According to Turner, "The report makes it clear that the artificial sweetener Splenda and its key component sucralose pose a threat to the people who consume the product. Hundreds of consumers have complained to us about side effects from using Splenda and this study ... confirms that the chemicals in the little yellow package should carry a big red warning label."
ugh. everytime they invent something new, they just find out how bad it is for you later on down the road.
anyone know anything about stevia? they say its better cause its natural, or is that just nonsense and theyll have something bad to say about it in a year?
stevia is natural, though there's always someone "out to get" a certain product, because they're funded by competing products. The Soy and Beef industries have had a war nearly as brutal as most religions, for example. And their "ammo" of choice? "Studies and science"....it's up to the consumer (as usual) to sift through the PR and the real science. I believe stevia and honey to be superior, but a single packet of Splenda most likely wouldn't ignite a flareup, in my own opinion, but stranger things have happened with this disease (like getting it, for example, lol)

check food labels for "sucralose" if you want to try an elimination-style self-experiment, who knows....it's in many more products now than it used to be. Aspartame is "Equal" btw...
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My Butt Hurts

kello82 said:
anyone know anything about stevia? they say its better cause its natural, or is that just nonsense and theyll have something bad to say about it in a year?
If I recall correctly, stevia has been around for a really really long time. It's been used in Asia forever. Not to be steroetypical, but Asians seem to know what they're doing when it comes to diet. I have used it and totally trust it even though I avoid other sugar substitutes.
I find it funny that the bot-based ad software detected the keyword "Splenda" as we talk about it with AIDS, chemotherapy, medicinal cancellation, PH levels and avoidance, all the while it's got links to buy it online at the top...
I try to stick with Sugar and Honey but I would not hesitaite to use Stevia. I have never heard anything negative about it.

The biggest reason it has not been available in the U.S. was because Searle's Nutrasweet (Aspertame) is a direct competitor and they had some influence in the FDA. At least that is what I have read, who knows the truth anymore.
The story on how it got approved in the first place is quite depressing. For the story see the link.


Aspertame can actually cause MS like symptoms in people sensitive to it. I never used it mostly because I hate the taste. Brain Tumors are not something I need right now either.

precisely how the corporate food industry strives and survives Dan...Apparently the least they could do was print "Phenylketonurics: contains Phenylalanine" on products, now whether the validity of this heeding is real or not, the questionability is certainly present..
huh. well that makes me feel better about it. i heard once that aspartame breaks down in your body into formaldahyde and decided to never consume artificial sweetners again, but if stevias cool then im settled.