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Avoiding an ileostomy

Hi everyone,

Recently I was admitted to hospital for 3 weeks due to extreme weight loss, abscesses and because I was struggling to eat anything. Whilst in hospital the doctors advised I will need an ileostomy (currently on Pred which stopped working due to infection (I presume) because it is working well now and whilst in hospital my dose was reduced to 9mg from 40! IN 3 weeks I have put on a stone and a half in weight.
For the next 3 months I will be on TPN which is being fed through a line in my chest whilst still on pred. I have also decided to do the Elemental 028 diet to give my bowel a complete rest before I'm due to have another MRI scan in 5 weeks time.
I have nothing against an ileostomy and I am not ruling one out but if I am feeling better then why wouldn't I want to avoid surgery?!
Has anyone else been in a similar situation whereby an ileostomy is the only option given by doctors but managed to avoid one? I have tried many medications which have stopped working including Humira. Thanks everyone
I'm in the exact same situation abscess extreme weight loss and on TPN also need an ileostomy.
I need an ileostomy due to active disease and damage in my large intestine.
See what the MRI shows and take it from there my MRI showed lot's of scar tissue hence needing an ileostomy.
Just don't do what I did. I fought having an ileostomy for so long that, when the inevitable happened (ileostomy or death!), I had to have a very large amount of rotten flesh removed with my rectum and anus. I had a cavity the size of a large man's fist and it took 7 months for the new flesh to grow and fill it in.