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Awful smell around buttocks but no fistulas

I am a college student of 23 years old and I had food poisoning in May of 2019 and after many unproductive visits to the general practitioner I was sent to the hospital and was diagnosed with a light variation of Crohn's disease. It has been said that Crohn's disease patients can generally have a normal life, and I am glad that my medication is helping to relieve stomach aches and that I am generally able to eat whatever I want, but I have a few serious issues that so far no one else with Crohn's disease has mentioned online, not that I know of.

My butt smells awful every single day and it is incredibly sweaty when compared to how it was before. I understand that feces from Crohn's disease generally smell awfully sour as compared to how it normally is but this smell always persists even after I take a shower. My life has been completely turned upside down by this because the smell is so bad that it goes right through my clothing around the butt area. I refuse to sit on couches and the likes in my family home and always sit in the same chair because of this. I also sometimes leave a sweaty trace behind on certain chairs. Sleeping is fine but I shower parts of my body every day when waking up because I have been rolling around in this horrible smell.

I know the smell only exists within my personal space as strangers do not seem to notice it, but it still makes me nervous and because I am sweating much more than before I had the disease I feel like I just cannot concentrate anymore when working in small project groups. I hate it when people are looking at me because I look so nervous and sweaty. I also don't cycle anymore because that results in an incredibly sweaty butt to the point where the entire area on the pants is wet and it once again smells like sour diarrhea.

I have had a colonoscopy and an MRI of both my rectum and small intestine but no perianal fistulas were found.

I am wondering whether anyone else has this problem.
I can sympathise. I do not have that problem but I did use to get abscess around there. It helped to use an antibacterial soap every day. Try that and it could get rid of some bacteria that might cause smells maybe.
best of luck.