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Ayurveda for crohns disease

My wife is recently diagnosed with crohns disease. Any positive stories on using Ayurveda over biologics. Please share any insights on the treatment options.
I did a lot of unconventional stuff to see if something might help. Things like homeopathic remedies (which I now realize is just expensive water), dream analysis, a Aervedic diet, acupuncture, Probiotics, prebiotics, gum mastic, licorice, special fiber, glucosamine, L-Glutamine, flax oil, S. Boulardii (another special probiotic).
I likely spent about six months doing this before I gave up. The results weren’t there and I had no money left for the expensive supplements.
All these years, I tried to stay on a more natural approach to healing, but that didn’t help. Changing what I ate, taking supplements, doing meditation, none of it was making a dent in this disease that had hijacked my life.
Foolishly, I ignored recommendations to go on Remicade, one of the “Big Guns” in treating IBD and I continued to suffer.
I had blood tests done by my family doctor; the results were terrible. I was anemic from the bleeding and my inflammatory markers were through the roof. I was referred to another GI specialist, which would be the start of my recovery.
I was put on the steroid Prednisone.
Within DAYS, I was feeling well. I was able to eat, and thanks to the monster appetite it causes, I was putting on weight fast.
Good to know your story. We will try alternative Ayurveda for a month or two to see if they have any positive effects as the symptoms appear to be manageable now. We are closely monitoring the inflammation markers
How severe is your wife's Crohn's? My son has crohn's and I am very much into alternative medicine, but I wouldn't take a chance with only the "alternative route". He is on Remicade and doing well. He also takes natural supplements and has a fairly good diet, but this is along with the biologic. You don't want to make matters worse - sometimes a couple months can make a difference in making the disease worse. Of course, some people have very mild disease and can manage without medication, but those are pretty few.

Good luck.
Get your wife on a biologic as soon as possible, this disease is about avoiding damage to your body and buying time until better medications or a cure comes along. You can try other wholistic "things" alongside but don't take the risk of those alone. I would recommend Stelara as the first biologic for her to try. Make sure you have good health insurance... you will need it.
Ibd doctor asked us to start with remicade along with 6-mp. My doctor says it is moderate crohns and my wife does not have any symptoms except the high inflammation markers due to ulcers. Thanks for your advice will start with biologics as these are pending approval from insurance
vpentakota gives sound advice. But each person much make there own choice. There are risks with biologics, read the potential side effects. Some people have success, some people don't. It has a been a life saver for some.

Arurveda has worked well for some people also. Liquid diets have worked well for many people also. The one thing to know about more natural stuff is that it takes a long time. As someone said above, they tried something for 6 months and quit. But then pred for a day and they are better.

Personally, I went the natural path. I have mild crohns which was a big factor. I am always concerned it is going to turn worse. I go to my GI every 6 months and get blood work. I would say it took about a year of natural before my symptoms changed. It was also hit and miss. I would try something for a while and add different things for long periods. I am in a good place 4 years later.

The key is to weigh the risks of each choice and research.
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I've listened to the following podcast about Ayurveda:

Ayurveda for Crohn's and Colitis: Dr. Vikram Chauhan

I think one of the key messages was that the Ayurveda, which is an ancient science, has the answers, but it is dependent on the doctor's interpretation of Ayurveda i.e. the treatment protocol for diarrhoea due to IBS would be different that of CD/UC.

If you get the right doctor, with the right experience, tailoring the treatment to the patient, I've no doubt that it would work - but finding that right doctor is key. Risking uncontrolled inflammation if you are given the wrong advice (depending on how severe the disease is / how much time you have) could be far riskier.
You can give it a try but please don't just depend on ayurvedha or homeopathy. If you listen to them they simply say you can stop other medicine. I am suffering alot now.