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Ayurvedic treatment for crohns

Hi all, i am suffering from crohns disease. Earlier i got treated with english medicine and right now i am using homeopathy. But i heard that there is no complete cure from both of them. Where as ayurveda completly cures it. Can someone help me with their experience if had any and also let me know the best and affordable place to visit any ayurvedic centre for treatment. I am from hyderabad, south india.
Welcome. At this point, there is no man made treatment that cures the disease. You might go on the Treatment section of this forum and ask advice about ayurvedic treatment. I wish you the best.


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New York, USA
Hello Naga and welcome to the forum. At this time there is no cure for Crohn's unfortunately. Different types of treatment may help, and as everyone is different, different treatments help to put people into remission for varying time periods.

There may be some members here who have been helped by the treatment you are looking for, hopefully someone will be able to share their experience.
Naga, any luck with ayurvedic treatment? I am also looking for some ayurvedha please let me know if any treatment helped you. Thank you